08 November 2009


First breakfast in pajamas.
Second breakfast fetched by Ba and Maddie from the coffee shop up the street. There's nothing like latte delivery.
Pajamas 'til noon.
Cooking: lasagna, vegetable soup (plus lemon-dill salmon, sweet potatoes with chard, and apple crisp yesterday!)
Lots and lots and lots of stories (and having someone with whom to share reading duties).
Getting my iPod Touch fixed during nap (and surviving the frenzy of the Apple store. I. Hate. Malls.)
Taking care of some much-neglected housework.
Surprise b-day dinner for Ba at Moo's house.
Kids so tired they needed to be carried from the couch to bed after stories.

Riley is holding his own. He slept hard and long, and was barely feverish this morning (never over 100°F unmedicated). Then he took a three-hour nap. Post-nap, he stayed cool and his energy level was normal. I'm cautiously optimistic.


OTRgirl said...

I like hearing about your cozy, family-filled day. I'm glad you're making yourself write every day.

Steph said...

Omg I.hate.malls sooo much! The Apple Store is its own level of hell. It's terrible that most Apple Stores are in malls.

One certainly requires a stiff drink or a 90 minute massage after either!

(I refuse to go to malls that I have one pair of jeans without crotch or butt holes right now...)

Megan said...

Ditto on mall hatred. I find it amazing that some people go to the mall for fun! Blows my mind.

Your cozy weekend sounds lovely.