07 November 2009

NaBloPoMo: 1, Snick: 0

Missed Friday. Almost missed today. Oops.

Riley is fighting a cold, or what I'm hoping is just a cold, although hope is fading as this afternoon he spiked a mini-fever. And the coughing! Oh, the coughing. Before I toddle off to bed, I need to lay out the ibuprofen and the water bottle and the thermometer and put blankies on the couch in case the need for middle-of-the-night nursing arises.

My dad is here this weekend. The relationship I have with my dad and the relationship he has with Maddie and Riley are worth posts unto themselves, but my general sentiment about having him around is the same one I had about my mom's visit the other night: this is why I moved back to Oregon.


Anonymous said...

coughing and fever were the first signs of H1N1 in our schools. My daughter had it in September and it is still making rounds through the elementary school.
sorry to hear he is sick. glad your parents are so close now and can not only help you, but spend time with the twins more frequently.
amanda in Atlanta

Amber said...

I hate to agree with Anonymous, but my daughter just had H1N1 this week and those were the first 2 symptoms. I hope it works out differently for Riley! Otherwise, it will be a long week. :(

Natika said...

Our entire house got the h1n1 and that's how it started.
Get well soon

Janice said...

Hoping it's a cold! There are so many weird virus's anymore its hard to tell. There's nothing like family is there?

Anonymous said...

I hope Riley has something else, but I have to agree with the first three posters about the H1N1. My two kids and I had the H1N1 flu in September.

Minor sore throat, head cold, coughing and fever, (for the kids, also nausea and diarrhea) with more typical flu symptoms of body aches, loss of appetite, tiredness, etc. I lost a few pounds for not being able to eat for almost a week (hmmm, that at least was a good thing! LOL).

One night, my 4 year old's fever spiked to 103 after he was already in bed asleep and I had to wake him to give him Tylenol. He ended up with pneumonia. He does not have "underlying" conditions.

I don't mean to sound alarmist. It is just a flu. My 13 year old and I recovered fine. But for some reason, some people are hit harder than others. So if you think Riley might have this, after reading others' posts, keep a close eye.

Get well soon.

amy said...

Wonderful to hear you are so enjoying having family in your life once more.

amy said...

We too all got sick with symptoms of the 'swine flu'. If we have seen the end of it I will be all to happy.