13 April 2009

Maddie's Question of the Day

At the circus, Maddie was enchanted by a performer who did a solo act on the trapeze. The woman was wearing  a sequined, glittery leotard.

"Oooh!" squealed Maddie. "Look, Mama! She swinging so high up there!"

Maddie paused. She thought. Her brow furrowed.

"Mama, why her no wearing any pants?"

The circus was great. The kids made it all the way through the show. Highlights were the ENTIRE BUCKET OF POPCORN they ate before the show started, the aforementioned trapeze act and a performance by a group of doggies (rescued from shelters! that was made very clear!) A good time was had by all.

I was surprisingly (or not?) emotional throughout the weekend, weepy at the drop of a hat and just tired, tired, tired. And now I'm once again buried under work, starting off the weeks ten steps behind. 

More, and more exciting, news as time allows.

EDITED: Lest anyone get too excited about the "more exciting" news, I should make clear that I merely meant that any post would be more exiting than this one. I don't have any particular exciting news to share (condo hasn't sold, I haven't won the lottery, I'm not dating anyone, etc.), I'm afraid. But I do have a few (hopefully interesting) posts brewing . . .


Anonymous said...

So cute.


Can't wait for the news.

Jul said...

Heh... J.Q. asked the EXACT same thing while watching a male acrobat at the Cirque du Soliel. The only thing I could think to stammer was, "Uhhh... maybe it helps him do his tricks better?" J.Q. then chirped, "With no pants I do MY tricks!" Which is really an appropriate quote for any occasion.

Susan said...

We will be waiting for the exciting news posts. Maddie and her inquisitiveness. Amazing. We did the Shrine Circus for years when my boys were young and us adults never tired of it either.

Yummy Mummy said...

Looking forward to the "news." A book deal perhaps? Congratulations on making it through the last two years. You are a very strong and inspiring mother.


Caustic Cupcake said...

When my sister took her 3-year-old son to see Cirque du Soleil, he kept asking "Why is she doing that? Why is that man up there? Why does he do that?" Finally, Jul had to tell him that at the circus, things don't happen for a reason.

Jane said...

Very astute question by Ms. Maddie! So glad they enjoyed the circus. That seems like a perfect way to mark the day.

Saturday 4/11 was my 35th birthday. I celebrated it by buying my kids a playhouse with some birthday cash I'd been given. Often, I think, the best way to mark an important occasion, whether a good or a bad one, is to do something fun for other people.

Aimee said...

Great way to spend the evening, I think. While I can't speak for John, I think all parents want their children to have fun and make good memories. So perhaps going to the circus was the most perfect way to spend the evening. It sounds like you guys had fun.

OTRgirl said...

I used to love the circus. It must be fun to share with them.

buddha_girl said...

Ha ha ha! Way to go Maddie for seeing that real questions of the world while panning up in the sky at Miss Trapeze Artist.

Love the posts. I'm out for a couple of more weeks and can use a distraction. Bring 'em on!

liz said...


Anonymous said...

Please pray for baby Stellan's
open heart surgery tonight or
tomorrow. His mom's blog is

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog last night and found myself reading it for over an hour. You have a gift. I look forward to visiting more often.

darcie said...

Hurray for beautiful memories with the little ones! Glad the circus wasn't too, well, circus-y as lives with little ones often are!