30 August 2008

This family is voting for O'Mama.

I happen to be wearing a t-shirt today that has a picture of the state of Illinois on it. Maddie and Riley were asking what was on my shirt. "It's Illinois!" I said. "Illinois!" they said back.

"Guess who is from Illinois?" I asked.
"Yeah!" they said, which is their equivalent of "I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Barack Obama!" I cried, with gusto.
"Garack O'Mama!" they cheerfully parroted.
"No, almost. Barack, with a B, like Ba," I explained.
"Garack. Garack. Garack."
"Um, OK. Let's try Obama. O-BA-ma, like Ba again."
"O'Mama!" they laughed.

Close enough.

I hate John McCain more with each passing day.

Sarah Palin? COME ON. Could his VP choice have been more manipulative and desperate? Does he really think that youth and women are so stupid that they will vote for him now that he has a young female on his ticket?

Give me a break.

Palin is anti-choice. She recently asked what the Vice-President does every day. She supports teaching creationism in the schools. She wants to drill for oil in the Alaskan wilderness. She is opposed to health care benefits for same-sex partners. She's opposed to stem cell research.

She ain't no Hillary, that's for sure. And I think the Republicans are going to be serving a lot of crow at their convention to give them sustenance to fend off the attacks about her lack of experience.

I of course do not expect all of my readers to agree with me politically. But I would like to register my personal fears about what would happen to this country if McCain and Palin were elected. Their politics scare me. A lot.

To end on a lighter note, here are a few more recent Maddie and Riley-isms:

[Riley's parting words at Spanish-speaking daycare]
"Hasta malunes!" (his combo of maƱana and lunes)

[when reading Goodnight Gorilla, the story of a zookeeper whose charges pay him an evening visit]
"Zoopeeker have a flashlight! Zoopeeker give armadillo a kiss! Zoopeeker go to sleep." etc.

[as he thrusts his baby doll, whose head is turned around over her back, into my hands]
"My baby's head is MESSED UP."

[Maddie trying to convince Riley that bubble baths are fun]
"Look, Ri-Man! I having fun in here! I scooping bubbles. Mira, Riley, bubbles! It fun, Ri-Man. I having good time."


Watercolor said...

Amen on McCain and Palin. Scary Scary Scary.

Your kids, however, cute cute cute!

Twinmommy2boys said...

I happen to be one of those who does not agree with your political views at all.

But as the previous poster said your kids are cute, cute cute.

niz said...

I am very, very worried about the McCain/Palin ticket as well. Definitely an insult to Hillary supporters, but I think she could definitely get him some social conservative voters who were just going to stay home before. eeeeek.

and I love "Hasta malunes!"

gg said...

I agree with your vote. I think Obama is a shining star.

The Whitsitt Family said...

I totally agree with you. I am scared to death of what things might be like if McCain wins.


Maria said...

I cold have written your exact post...not as well, but I do share your fears. Scary Scary SCARY! it sort of feels like McCain is trying to fool women with his pick. Hopefully women will not be fooled. He is a frightening prospect for this country. How can anyone support McCain/Bush, they are one and the same.

Imperfect said...

I am a little scared of both candidates. I still don't know who will end up with my vote. But I do echo what a few of the other folks have said...cute, cute kids! I love reading about their chatter.

Michelle said...

Heh! My husband has been trying to teach our 2 yr old to say Obama and it comes out O'Mama everytime! :-)

Goddess in Progress said...

I'm very anti-McCain and pro-Obama, anyways, but that Sarah Palin thing really has me shaking my head. Ugh.

Amy E said...

As someone who voted for Hillary in the primary, I am insulted by the Republicans' obvious hope that people that voted for one woman will vote for another. She's outrageously unqualified and her politics frighten me!

O'Mama all the way!:)


Rev Dr Mom said...

Amen on McCain-Palin. Frightening.

Melissa said...

Scared?.......more like terrified. McCain scares the living daylights out of me, and that Palin woman is just evil to the core. I'm really hoping that McCain, through this bizarre choice for VP, has effectively shot himself in the a$$.

O'Mama 2008!.......... ;-) ~m

Juicebox Mom said...

Go O'Mama!

Karyn said...

Go O'Mama! I completely agree with you. Scary stuff--and pathetically manipulative and obvious.

tmarie said...

Oh, lordy. It would be laughable . . . if it wasn't so SERIOUS.

And I know this isn't the forum for this, but Bush won last time by being the person people wanted to have a beer with. I bet there's a lot of folks who'd like to have a *beer* with her.

But here's an idea: Can we get your kids on the campaign trail? The Omama thing is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

As the mother of a son who is gay, you can imagine how I feel about a politician who thinks her children should have more rights than mine.

Also, I think the twinks are trying to tell you to buy this t-shirt:

Emily said...

totally agree about the McCain pick, but I'm hoping that it is such a crazy decision that it will somehow help Obama ...

Becca said...

I totally agree with your assessment of the McCain/Palin ticket!! My first impulse was "Does he think we vote based on GENDER ALONE? What an insult!" I am so nervous about this election. So very nervous.

My little guy says "O'Mama!" too! When you ask him "Who's going to win?" he replies "O'Mama Biden!"

Eva said...

What you said.

My son also says "Omama" whenever we see a sign in our neighborhood and then my daughter corrects him, "OBAma."

mek said...

"I hate John McCain more with each passing day."

Possibly the best sentence I've read today - it manages to echo my thoughts AND sound like a great opening line of a novel.

Love the kid quotes!

wkmtca said...

mccain is from the old school of 'if you flip them over they are all alike' about woman. well, let's guess again, one woman is not the same as another. hillary is not pro-life, is not inexperienced, is not a homophobic, is not so many things this palin is that mccain is to be pitied if he thought he would get hillarys votes with this woman. and for the pathitic few hillary supporters who do switch camps for this sham of a woman, well i pity you too.

Patti said...

"I having fun in here!" lol. Love it!! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I am far more afraid of Obama. I am not enthusiastic about McCain per se, but there's no way Obama is getting my vote.

- A

Anonymous said...

Wow, politics stir the pot. Ya know, I can understand some of these statements but not all. I probably won't vote because to be quite honest, I like neither. However, calling Palin "evil"...hmmm. Not sure where that comes from. And teaching creatism in school? Why not? Our kids have to sit through all the other "versions". If we are all so pro-choice in birth control, let our kids make the choice of how they feel about God creating us or us evolving or whatever....what fear is in that?

And yes, your kids are super sweet!

alessandrastarr said...

I have never liked McCain since in his previous run for president he called his North Vietnamese captors "gooks" and never apologized for it. I could not trust him as a president who would not see Asians in general as a threat. I couldn't in sound mind vote for him for myself or my daughter, as she and I are part Asian.

Anonymous said...

Hate? I think that is a really strong ugly word. Do you disagree with his policies or dislike the way his wife looks? Or that he has been in the system too long? But to hate someone you don't even know. He is a veteran, a POW. Give the man at least a little bit of respect for the time he gave to our country. The injuries and the torture he indured and lived through. If you really would like to see equality for everyone and fair taxes or national healthcare encourage everyone you know to vote. Yes I like Palin, she is someone I can relate to and who has made some choices in her life that I think are honest and true to her family. I would vote for her for President if she were on the ticket, in a heartbeat. I'm tired of old politicians who have forgotton about the American middle class. I'm tired of party lines and people that say I vote Democrate every single time regardless of who it is or what they say. That is just ridiculous and I hear that more than anything else. That is what America is about, everyone having that choice. Paula

Anonymous said...

I think that you are mistaken if you think that McCain chose her to attract women who would've otherwise voted for Hillary. He chose her to appeal to his conservative base - a HUGE group of people who are not too excited about him, but are VERY excited about her. I'm just sayin'....

NanarocksWeen said...

Well, glad to see that most of your readers are anti-McCain. I hate him and Palin too. YEP. Hate. Strong word for strong feelings. FEAR. Yep. I fear them as well. I'm SIXTY this year. I have grandchildren the age of your kids. I don't want America to become an even WORSE place to live. I echo all you said about the McCain/Palin ticket. It scares the living daylights outta me.
YIKES! (and, as with everyone else, love hearing about the twins :-)

Anonymous said...

This election is giving me an ulcer. I am so terribly afraid that McCain will be elected. I've never felt this strongly before. Probably because we've just been through 8 horrific years and now we have a candidate who has at least three more wars lined up (Iran, Russia, China...). Bomb first, ask questions later, right?

And to the person who asked why it's not okay to teach creationism in school--it's because that's not the way it happened. You can't expect Americans to compete on teh world stage if you teach stories that are completely false and hide behind religion to do it. That's called belligerent ignorance. Teach whatever you want in church where you choose to go based on your particular beliefs, but keep that out of the schools. And I'm a Christian.

Also, being a POW does not entitle you to (nor qualify you for!) the presidency.

Love the kiddo stories!


OTR sister said...

What I love about this election is that for the first time in a long time, I am voting FOR someone, not AGAINST the other person.

I am really excited about the possibility of Obama as president.

kris said...

why is it so many pro mccain people use anonymous and not their name. if you like him and his 'values' so, then what are you afraid of?

Anonymous said...

Stephanie - I'm glad I'm not a christian like you :)

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

The scary thing is that I've been reading on a few blogs that some women who voted for Clinton in the primaries say they WILL vote for McCain/Palin. I find this so upsetting because these Clinton and Palin are politically opposite in every way. Voting for a woman because she is a woman is the same as not voting for Obama because he is black.

If people are so easily manipulated by pandering and superficialities, it is no wonder this country is in the shape it is in.

Anonymous said...

I may not agree with your political opinions, but your kids are definitely full of spunk & cuteness! I just want to put in a word here for the Republican ticket. One of your other readers mentioned that Palin was chosen for her conservative/reformer ideology, not because she's a woman. Amen! Of course the Hillary camp is not going to agree with what she stands for, it's quite the polar opposite. For the Democrats to assume that's the reason McCain chose her, well, that's a ridiculous assumption. She has a much more impressive resume when compared to Obama - gubernatorial, executive experience under her belt for one thing. Obama has been in the Senate for only 100-something days, and has voted "present" more often than "yes" or "no". Not very definitive. Hmmmmm....and, he happened to launch his campaign from the home of a man affiliated with some serious terrorism. What does that say about him? Get this: Obama served on the Wood's Fund board alongside William C. Ayers, a member of the Weathermen terrorist group which sought to overthrow of the U.S. government and took responsibility for bombing the U.S. Capitol in 1971.
Ayers, who still serves on the Woods Fund board, has served on panels with Obama at numerous public speaking engagements. Ayers admitted to involvement in the bombings of U.S. governmental buildings in the 1970s. I think that's a *bit* more scary than Palin, don't you? I mean, really, what's so "scary" about her, people?? She's going to be a "heartbeat away from the presidency", but Obama is going FOR the presidency...hello??? There are some unanswered questions regarding Obama that the media refuses to address, as usual. I also respect McCain and Palin for their military families. But like I said, I can understand where the Democrats are coming from - Republicans stand for different ideas and morals than they do, so we can't expect everyone to agree! Just as I would never vote Democrat, because I stand for much more conservative ideas than they do. Just my two cents here!

Amy, A conservative voter in Idaho

BeeJoo said...

It makes me SOOO sad that Tim Russert isn't alive to experience all of this. His insight, thoughtfulness and that huge smile of his is the biggest void in this election.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I just read some of the comments about creationism. Folks, the Big Bang theory is like saying there was a huge explosion in your house and that's how everything was cleaned and put in it's place. Ridiculous! And if I don't believe in the Big Bang, why should my kids have to listen to that garbage at school? Just like people think their kids shouldn't have to listen to creationism? Let's just face it - we're humans and the world will never, ever agree on anything! And to the *Christian* who wrote earlier...what kind of Christian doesn't believe in the Bible (ie. Gen.1)?? Gag me. Amy

Anonymous said...

You can't hate someone you don't know personally. You're a complete hypocrite!! You only like Barack because you think he is good looking and thats shallow. No wait, you're completly right, it only matters if our president is cute. Who cares about the well being of the country, as long as we have cute president, we're good right? Yeah....

Clover said...

Totally agree with your political take. And as for everyone who thinks Palin has far more executive experience than O'Mama (too cute!), the man executed a brilliant (even if you disagree with his policies) political campaign over the last 18 months and managed to unseat the presumptive nominee and everyone else in the race that people thought had a much better shot than him. Its quite impressive.
But aside from that, their policies are night & day. I seriously don't understand how anyone could be trying to decide between the 2 candidates because they are so completely different on every level.

misstj said...

i'm TOTALLY with you on McCain/Palin.... what a cheap choice! i hope the women voters get out there and don't vote for them just because, and really show him!!!

Anonymous said...

Name me one thing that Obama has actually accomplished while in any elected office. No fair if you have to Google it first.

Palin will not attract Clinton voters and she was not nominated to do that. She was nominated to appeal to the Republican base. Frankly, Clinton supporters were already leaning towards McCain and his "maverick" image. Google PUMAs for more info.

I for one am pleased that there is a person on the ticket who isn't rich for the first time in a long time. Here is someone who in all likelihood has clipped coupons in the last 10 years. I don't agree with her on every issue, but finding a candidate for which that is true is a pipe dream.

We do the best with what we have. But ask yourselves this, if Barack Obama was a white-guy named Bill Owens, would we even know his name? Be honest. Isn't Clinton or even Biden better qualified to be president? Once everyone decided that it was cool to support Obama, the desire for experience, knowledge and judgment went right out the window.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand either candidate.
But your kids are cute!

Becky said...

At first I thought McCain's choice was brilliant because the only thing I knew about Palin was that she was a woman. But the more I learn about her, the more I see that she is completely unfit to lead a nation, let alone her own family. I'm sure she supports abstinence-only education. Irony, anyone?

Melissa said...

I agree with you, and with commenter Becky (you have some great commenters here!) Nothing like a little politics to bring everyone out!

Anne K. said...

Amazing how those assailing our dear Snick are afraid to leave their names! Particularly smug was the commenter who said "how can you hate someone you don't know personally?" My question to that person is, "How can you be so stupid you wouldn't know a hyperbole if it bit you on the ass?"


Keen said...

Wow, I wasn't going to comment on this one, but the comments on this post sure are interesting.

I was an ardent Hillary supporter and got so sick of all of my Obama-supporting friends giving my pitying looks and treating me like I was an unenlightened soul. I am, however, supporting him completely. (Even though I don't think he's all that cute. Ha.)

I would totally love to have a beer with Palin. I think I would like her. Because the thing is, a few of my friends think the way she does, and I enjoy having drinks with them. But no way do I want her as VP.

Four years ago I was convinced there was NO WAY Bush could win again. So this time I'm a little more nervous about Election Day.

And I also find myself thinking of Tim Russert constantly. As one of the previous posters said, his absence is a huge void in this election.

Kerry Lynn said...

In my opinion they are two horrible choices. But the terrorist connections of Obama are a little more concerning to me.

I am definitely a conservative with the exception of gay rights, but I worry that even if we have a dem in office we still won't have equality.

I really can't bring myself to vote for either.

shell said...

Wow. I wasn't going to comment, but Kerry-Lynn saying that Obama has terrorist ties left me beating my head against the screen.

Being born to a mixed race couple doesn't make you a terrorist. The middle name Hussien doesn't make you a terrorist. Going to a private secular school that also educated children of Muslim faith, alongside Catholics, Protestants and Jews doesn't make you a terrorist. In fact, your religion doesn't by definition make you a terrorist at all. Being raised by a single mother with the help of her parents doesn't make you a terrorist.

What makes someone a terrorist is purposely frightening and hurting others. Be very careful about the lies you spread - especially when there isn't a single shred of evidence that connects Obama with any terrorist organization. Wow.

Back to the topic at hand: Oh. My. God. Such cute babies!!!

Sarah said...

My 2 year old also says "O'Mama" and her "O'Mama" t-shirt is her very favorite.

~Denise~ said...

I'm with ya O'mama

Anne said...

Hey "Amy in Idaho"--I don't know you from Adam, but I think that you would be voting for McCain regardless of who sat on what 10 person board at whichever community grantmaking foundation to help Americans in need with Barack Obama 7-10 years ago. I would call this story "grasping at straws."

For those of you who want actual facts and more backstory, go to:


Also--"[Palin]has a much more impressive resume when compared to Obama - gubernatorial, executive experience under her belt for one thing."


Sarah Palin has been governor of Alaska (a state with a population smaller than Salt Lake City), for 18 months. Prior to that, she was mayor of a town of 9,000. I think that calling this an "impressive resume" is stretching things juuuuuuuust a wee bit.

But, I understand I will never change your opinion, as you will never change mine. I just wanted to provide some actual information to counter the rumors that Obama is "affiliated with terrorists."


jenn3 said...

Well, I wasn't going to comment, but after all the anonymous comments, I feel compelled to. I'm not huge on politics. I know they are a necessary evil, but it's not something I get too excited about. I do know that I don't like Obama. (But I don't HATE him like people seem to do with Bush and McCain.) I'm not saying that McCain would be my first choice, but I agree with his view on things more than Obama, so I will be voting for him. Take it or leave it. I don't care. No one can really change anyone else's mind on this subject. Agree to disagree. I don't get angry with anyone who likes Obama, so why do people get so bent out of shape when someone likes McCain?

I'm sure there will be hateful comments in response to this. Hopefully not. Shouldn't we be entitled to our own opinions?

Leah said...

Thank you, Snick, for stirring the pot--we need this more often in this country.

The statement "we can never change anyone's mind anyway" is defeatist and wrong. Reasoned debate, listening skills, thoughtful dialogue and diminishing ignorance can all contribute to better government in this country. I was in Peace Corps too, and where I lived, voting was not a right. In places where democracy is new, everyone votes. Why, in this country, have we let the pride in our system slide? For those not voting, shame on you. Get informed, figure out which positions are priorities for you, and vote. Whatever you feel about President Bush, surely these last eight years have taught us that it does matter who is president, that there would have been different deaths, of soldiers and civilians, and different battles fought domestically if not for the very specific decisions made by the current administration.

If no one's mind can be changed, then why does anyone bother campaigning? It's true no one who is getting browbeaten about their own ignorance is likely to change his or her mind, but that is your fault, not his or hers. Inform! Discuss! Debate! Listen! Why are we so afraid of discussing politics in this country?! (Not you, Snick--and brava!)


Silver said...

My boys say Obumuma Barrrrak when they see him on TV, I guess they are fans. Since we are from Canada I guess we just have to wait and see what happens down south!

Your kids are so adorable!

Melanie said...


Are you kidding me? Go to dailykos for "facts". Now I've heard everything.


Kady said...

Wasn't going to comment either, except I've been writing a post about the vitriol between the two parties on this race.

Ppl, srsly. We all read Snick, we all love her and identify with her. So we can't all be that different now, can we? McCain doesn't scare me, Obama doesn't scare me, this is the best presidential race we've had in a long long time.

What's really scary is the fact that people on both sides are tying Obama to terrorism or McCain to racism or Palin to redneckism (yeah, couldn't think of anything for Biden), based on what? Media outlets that want to generate ratings? Srsly?

Politicians only have power over us when we buy into the manufactured message they are selling. So don't do it. Acknowledge there is a lot more that holds us together than keeps us apart.

Anonymous said...

1. As to your comment "Palin is anti-choice" you are misinformed. She simply thinks that decisions of that nature are not up to the federal government and should be handled on a state level. Her personal choice is obvious, but she doesn't insist upon it for all.

2. If you were interviewing for a position, would you not ask what was expected of you?

3. She supports teaching creationism and evolution in the schools, giving children both sides of the story.

4. She wants to drill for oil in the Alaskan wilderness... as do the majority of Americans

At least McCain and Palin let you know where they stand on the issues. Obama not only won't vote in Congress, he sidesteps specific questions so no one can hold him accountable. I don't trust a man like that and could never vote for him.

Elaine said...

Actually, I believe that her current "official" position is that she does not support adding creationism to the curriculum, but wouldn't forbid teachers from addressing it if students happened to ask about it.

And to the folks who've implied that things should or shouldn't be taught in science class based on whether or not they believe in them, that's not what science is. Science class is for teaching students what is scientifically testable (and teaching them the process by which you make such determinations).

Evolution is a theory (as is gravity) which is very strongly supported by the testing that scientists have done. Creationism is, by definition, not testable, but rather a matter of faith. Since you can't test it, there wouldn't be anything to do with it in a science class.

BethGo said...

I too actually like McCain. He seems decent.

But Palin??? Really???!

I'm withholding all judgment until I see them all debate.

winecat said...

McCain/Palin terrify me. Not so much for themselves but for what they could do to the Supreme Court.

Folks remember this election is far more about who will appoint who to the Supreme Court than any other issue.

Anonymous said...

Palin is white trash. She is anti choice even to save the LIFE of the mother. While mayor, she supported charging rape victims for their own rape kits. She is a serious threat to the future of this country. Only idiots are supporting her.

Anonymous said...

You should listen to your kids, "Out of the mouths of babes"...OMAMA - Palin...OMAMA - Palin.....GARACKKKK...sound made by a Kennedy Parrot