07 March 2008

It's the little things.

It really is the little things that get me through the day. Lately, my little things are:

Coffee. With caffeiene. Ooooh, yeah. I've been brewing it at home because I've been running late a lot and have not had time to stop at coffee mecca. Also, still broke so trying not to spend on coffee. The cool thing is that I really love the brewing ritual, and even when the sleeping is rough, the coffee gives me something to look forward to. Honestly, earlier in the week when Riley was having it really rough, I think I would have gone postal without my coffee fix.

American Idol. You all know that already. Did anyone but me notice that I correctly predicted three out of four last night? I'm not going to miss that Danny Noriega. Or that totally forgettable blonde girl . . . what was her name? See what I mean? Can't wait for next Tuesday.

Sancerre. The white wine we should all be drinking. Can be hard to find and it's not cheap (where cheap = $10 or less), but I've never had a bad one.

Netflix. Whenever I hear about a movie that sounds good, into the queue it goes. I rarely check my queue, so it's always a surprise when a new movie shows up in my mailbox. Earlier this week is was An Inconvenient Truth (took me long enough to see that one!), tonight I'm looking forward to Dreamgirls (again, finally). All the better with a glass of Sancerre.

Cute Temps. I have a totally inappropriate for-so-many-reasons-it-will-never-go-anywhere-but-it-makes-it-a-lot-more-fun-to-go-to-work crush on one of the temps in my office. One who, oh, works for me. Heh. I raise my glass of Sancerre and propose a toast: here's to things staying busy at work so that Mr. Temp can keep on coming into the office.

What are your little things?


Rebecca & Chris said...

Hi Snickollet! I commented once with some running tips and really enjoy the honesty of your blog. Too many glamourize the process of raising kids and never communicate the downs, only the ups.

One of my little things is knowing that, each Saturday morning, I will get a chance to visit my favourite bakery, eat an oatmeal chocolate chip scone, drink some tea, and read the newspaper. If they don't make those scones on a particular Saturday, I am not a happy camper.

My office is 90% women. I would love to see a hot male temp show up!

Hairline Fracture said...

I totally agree with you. I think it was Iris Murdoch who said the secret to a happy life is continuous small treats.

I thought America voted off the right people too. I look forward to Idol every week.

Mama Nabi said...

Yay for the little things....

Can I borrow your temp once in a while? :-)

BethanyWD said...

I just stopped by to say that I LOVE your new banner. It's perfect. And the tagline - both heartbreaking and beautiful.

Meggerz said...

My little things...

-€1 Fruit Drops from Lidl

-Pastries on clearance during closing time at the local market

-Free TV shows streaming on the web

-Curry dipping sauce at Hesburger (Finnish burger chain)

The fact that 4/5 of my little things are food-related is sadly not a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

- Starbucks decaf peppermint mochas (only get them once or twice a week since I'm too proud to beg)

- Chuao hot chocolate. I adore all three flavors. Would not be able survive bed rest without it.

- Trader Joes frozen chocolate croissants. soooo good, and they have to rise overnight before baking so there's no temptation to have more than one

- the xkcd comic (www.xkcd.com)

- Harry Potter books on cd. Jim Dale rocks my world.

Snickollet said...


I, too, love those chocolate croissants from TJ's. Sinfully good, almost as good as one from a real Parisian bakery.


jenn in Maine said...

1. Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte

2. Ditto on the Netflix

3. The thought that spring HAS to be right around the corner. Right? Right??

4. Girl Scout Caramel Delight Cookies (thank God I only bought one box).

Love the blog! I wish I had a hot temp. He could follow me around and help with laundry.

halfmama said...

Ha ha, I just posted my own lists similar to this (of course, one of my lists is much more cynical).

It definitely is the little things. Friday, for example. Love the Fridays.

laura said...

l'm all about the Sancerre. We discovered it on vacation last year (drank it every day) and now it's such a special treat. Yum.

laura said...

l'm all about the Sancerre. We discovered it on vacation last year (drank it every day) and now it's such a special treat. Yum.

buddha_girl said...

Damn, you are one rocking chick these days!

I loved your post on Ri-Man previous to this one. Just got around to reading it. Rock on!

I'm so about making my own coffee. My Dad taught me to love that ritual. I find people who don't understand the pleasure of brewing your own to be almost alien to me.

Jolene said...

Fridays...at 4:30 to be exact. Those are the moments I live for. :)

C. said...

Looooooooooooooove the cutie temps/interns. They are in the office long enough to look at but not long enough to become annoying.

Summer is just around the corner and so is a new crop of summer interns.

BabyD2008 said...

Snick, I'm a lurker who reads you faithfully and I must say that your blog ROCKS! My mom got us a programmable coffee maker for Christmas and while it is wonderful to wake up on a Sunday morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, I miss the ritual of making it myself.

Little pleasures: Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, the way my dog wags her tail when I walk in the door, and your blog.

BrooklynGirl said...

Reese's peanut butter eggs.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

coffee is one of the best multi-sensorial self indulgences !

You really lucked out with the temp - Our office temp is the HR person's daughter !

Amanda "mommie doris"

Caustic Cupcake said...

Coffee is the greatest. I think the ritual of it- brewing, making up the cup, and sitting down with it- are as helpful as the caffeine. It's a reward, it's something you do entirely for yourself, and yet it's not costly and doesn't seem selfish. Those are the best little rewards.

And I love workplace crushes that can't go anywhere! If you think it might go somewhere, it throws an extra layer of anxiety over the situation. But if it can't possibly develop- for reasons beyond your control- you can fully enjoy it and drag out the suspense forever.

What a cool post!

OTRgirl said...

My coworkers make the day go by. Now that Stressed out Eeyore is gone, we've been terrible with doing imitations. We take a turn each day to be her and deal with all the detail stuff. Today one of my coworkers grabbed my balance ball and we started an impromptu basketball game with it.

I like the little mutt at the end of the day. Curled up in her nest of blankets next to the side of the bed, she always makes me smile.

And tea! Can't forget that. We do afternoon tea at 4 pm. Really helps the afternoon lull go by easily.

NanarocksWeen said...

My little things:

-Having my grandsons ride on my lap when we use my wheelchair at Disney
(bionic knee still healing)

-Having hubby rub my back and head while watching DVR'd LA Ink

-A quiet Tinnitus day... a rare treat indeed

-slipping under the covers and going to sleep. Ah, sleep!

Anonymous said...

Coffee. I have recently started buying the GOOD stuff after a friend sent me some Kona coffee right off the farm for Christmas. I figure a pound of the good stuff that lasts a week is a better deal than the expensive take out variety and I can brew it how I want.

After the kids are off to school I brew a cup or two and read the news online before I have to get to work. One of life's small pleasures :)

Another is having a glass of wine when they are all in bed and checking blogs.

Getting in bed after a long day in sheets and duvet cover you have washed that day...

Anonymous said...

going to sleep on clean sheets

the regular friday afternoon meeting (every Friday afternoon! the same meeting!) being unexpectedly cancelled

Dinner with girlfriends...including wine and dessert.

FishFace said...

My current little thing is Cadbury Creme Eggs. Can only get them around Easter, and by the time Easter leaves I'm sick of them until next year.

Anonymous said...

My favorite little things are a few hours to myself with a cold Mt. Dew, People magazine and Pringles. How utterly sad but it puts me in a coma of relaxation.

Jennifer F. said...

Well, this is going to tell you a lot about me, but one little thing that has had a much bigger positive impact on my life than it probably should have is the steadily increasing quality of boxed wine. Gone are the days when I can afford to open bottles to just have a couple glasses with dinner, so Killer Juice cab is currently sponsoring my sanity.

I just discovered your blog and look forward to reading more. Great stuff.

Julia said...

I caught dreamgirls on HBO a few weeks ago, and liked it for the most part. Hope you enjoyed it, with your glass of wine.

Angela said...

Heated floors, cozy fireplace and a hot cup of tea, good book.Oooh a hot temp, lucky you, hope he stays for a while.