07 March 2008

Memo to Riley: How to Make Mama Smile

  • Sleep through the night for realz. As in 7:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. with nary a peep that I heard, despite the fact that you spit up the Motrin and teething tablets that I forced upon you while you got ready for bed.
  • Decide you love broccoli. Eat a big bowl of broccoli soup at school, then eat a few pieces of raw broccoli and a few pieces of cooked broccoli at dinner. Screw the grilled cheese sandwich: give me more broccoli!
  • Select, for the second time this week, a pink flowered shirt and orange velour pants to wear to school.
  • Insist on giving your sister a hug before bed even though she runs away from you as you approach. Back her into a corner and give the hug anyway.
  • Laugh like there's nothing more fun in the world when I help you do somersaults in the playroom.
  • Walk me to the door when it's time to say goodbye at school, then stand at the door and demand a hug and kiss before I can go. A kiss! Kisses are not usually your thing.
Love you, Ri-Man.


Angela said...

Oooh Riley you wonderful little boy. He's making up for the sleepless nights and normal toddler behaviour...Thank God!

Caustic Cupcake said...

He did all of these things? No, really- he did? GO RILEY! :)

Snickollet said...


Yes! Yes! He did all of those things!

Life looks so much better now.


Mama Nabi said...

Orange velour pants... MY kind of man. And the kiss. YES, the kiss... sweet Ri-man. Now, please go give your mama an extra one from me.

Amelie said...

Maybe he got your brilliant letter from a few days ago?

Jolene said...

Gosh, all those things made ME even smile. That's great...and oh so sweet. :) Go Ri-Man!

BethGo said...

Also, I can tell you that studies have shown that some children have periods of regression and sleep issues when they are about to hit a big milestone. So it's really quite possible that Riley is getting ready to do something big.
It doesn't make it any easier on us moms but sometimes it helps me to think maybe this step back will make way for a giant leap forward.

Anyway, I'm glad things are getting better.

Julia said...

Awwwww.... So nice. Happy to hear you had such awesomeness recently.