03 November 2007

Tastes Great, Less Filling

I've decided to start another blog with all of my Weight Watchers-related posts on it so as not to bore people to tears over here. See sidebar for link, which will replace my Twitter updates since I can't seem to get on board with Twitter. I also can't seem to get on board with Facebook. I created a Facebook page, but I can't figure out what the big deal is. Of course, you may remember that I'm the one who doesn't get Flickr.

I am starting to sound like a Luddite. A Luddite with two blogs.

Hey, since I posted twice today, does that mean I get a freebie for tomorrow? Probably not.


Sandra said...

Um. You didn't get the address right to the WW journal on the bar to the right :)

Snickollet said...

Thanks, Sandra. It's fixed now!

carosgram said...

No freebies - lol. I also am a luddite. Only bought a computer 3 months ago, finally got a cell phone to placate my children who worry about me on road trips.

Livia said...

You know this means now everybody is going to be asking you for your recipes... low points brown rice zucchini casserole sounds yummy (hint, hint).

Luddite here, too. I don't even have a blog!

mumof4 said...

I also don't get Facebook

buddha_girl said...

1. I don't get Facebook.
2. I don't get Flickr.
3. I think I'm just too damn lazy or distracted to keep up with such things.

4. A good, old-fashioned bloggy is right up my alley.

Kathy said...

No sorry. I don't believe that gets you a freebie however you CAN pat yourself on the back for a job well done!! :-)

Anonymous said...

This will sound so cheesy (no food references intended) but I am really glad you are doing this other blog. I am doing Core on WW and have about 35 to loose to your 10 but you are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us all!


Snickollet said...


I will try to post some recipes over at the other blog. The zucchini casserole was from a friend who was kind enough to calculate points, but I've been meaning to ask her for the recipe. If I get it, I'll post.

Misha--good luck with the Core program!