22 October 2007

Sixteen Months of Twins

Happy sixteen month birthday, twins!

Some words you can say:
water (wawa)/agua
banana (nana)
necklace (nono)
"up and down"
snack (na)

You understand a whole lot more than that, but those are words that either one or both of you says regularly.

Some things you love:
the sound of a chainsaw (Found this out over the weekend when work was being done on the deck. You would squeal with delight when the chainsaw was fired up and beg for more when it was turned off.)
the sound of the garbage disposal
fruit leather
play food (Riley loves the peas, Maddie loves to make sandwiches with the bread on the inside)
taking things in an out of kitchen drawers
your cribs, including your snuggly blankets and loveys
being outside
baths (except for the hairwashing part)
your friends and caretakers at "school" (aka daycare)
riding in the car
the song "Baby Beluga"
my cell phone and keys
chasing each other around like crazy freaks after bath
sitting on my lap
putting your hands in the Diaper Champ (Why? Why?)
shoes and handbags (Maddie)
ladybugs (Riley)
cats (Riley)
riding in the car
swings (Maddie)
slides (Riley)

Some things you don't like very much:
green beans
strangers, especially men
loud laughter (other than your own)
being told "no"
having crumbs or other crud on your hands
being hungry and/or tired

It's hard for me to come up with things you don't like. That's cool. Unless you're tired, you're pretty easygoing, although you get overwhelmed when lots of people are around. Who can blame you?

You wear size 18m clothes. You have beautiful, big baby bellies. Riley, you like to get up too early (5:30 is too early!) Maddie, you'd sleep all day if I let you. When I say, "Nap," you run to your crib with glee. Riley, when I drop you off at school, you shut the door behind me as I leave. I'm so happy you are comfortable and well taken care of there.

I'm tired a lot, and life has been emotional for me lately. Sometimes I take that out on you. I'm sorry. But I try to tell you many times each day how much I love you, because I do.

Happy sixteen month birthday! I know your daddy is so proud of you, and so am I.


Robin J. said...

So sweet ...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Maddie and Riley!

(P.S 5:30 was too early for us (and Buddy) too. We got him a digital clock, covered up the minutes, and told him to entertain himself at least until 6.)

lct said...

That is so great. I want to see them again!

Megan said...

What a lovely post - I'm sure they'll enjoying reading it when they're grown (and so will you!)

Christine said...

Congratulations! I can't wait until I have a little one to brag about, too!

Jana said...

This was awesome! My daughter's sixteen-month birthday is tomorrow, and I think I might steal your format.

Happy birthday, twins!

kim said...

Isn't it amazing to see how far they come in those first 16 months? :) Enjoy the milestones, mom!

bold said...

I'm willing to bet their daddy is likewise proud of YOU.


glove said...

I know you aren't a picture blogger, but - PICTURES?? :) Would love to see the little schmunkins on their special day.

Am 3 months PG myself now. So I've been poring over your baby and toddler dilemmas - though I know nothing will prepare me for what's coming.

Happy 16 months, babies!

laura said...

Congrats to you and happy day to Maddie and Riley. Each month is a big accomplishment, isn't it? I love to read about their likes and dislikes, and their word -- they have quite a vocabulary!

Fran said...

This was such a sweet post for them. I know their daddy is proud of them,and you too. And being tired is just normal and we all feel like we take it out on the kids now and then. Don't let that get to you. They will turn out perfectly normal!

Riley must have plenty of ladybugs to play with right now. We are being taken over by them here in Maine at my house!


Rachel said...

They sound adorable. Love the list of words.

mar said...

I second what Bold said.

OTRgirl said...

I love the baby bellies.

They sound so fun.

Kathryn said...

Lovely twins. Great Mum. Happy day wishes for all of you (and a bit of rest for you, Snick).

Caustic Cupcake said...

Awwww... they're adorable, and your awesome-momness is so evident. I second the plea for pictures! :)

soralis said...

Wow 18 months! (I think you need to come over and maybe your kids could teach my boys a few new words!)


soralis said...

Oops typo... 16 months!