17 October 2007

Not Helping

Why is it that nothing makes one look quite as bad as the lighting in department store dressing rooms? And what do they do to those mirrors? My ass can't actually be that big, can it? Wow.

Yesterday, when I didn't have time to make the reservation, round-trip flights from Boston to Portland and back for the holidays were a full $100 cheaper than they are today, when I do have time.

Running the 10K was so great that now the idea of running alone on the bike path while pushing a jog stroller filled with 50lbs. of impatient toddler truly pales in comparison. My motivation is low, although I have my running stuff here at work and it's a gorgeous day.

The Red Sox. The Red Sox! Need I say more? Although I suppose that if the situation weren't a nailbiter, it wouldn't be the Sox.


Tiffany said...

I have gotten into the habit of running at lunch time so when I try to run on the weekend or in the evening that means I have to take my daughter and pushing that jogging stroller is such hard work and I only have 30 pounds of kids in it. But Hey - it will make you stronger. Through as I write this running outside is going to be slim today - It is snowing!!

Lucky said...

Uh oh. I live in Cleveland! I can relate to all of the other stuff in the post though!
A few months ago, I tried running with my 20lb daughter. OUCH!
Not only that, she was squirmy and annoyed.
Do the best you can. You seem to expect a lot of yourself.
Maybe today is better off being a detox tea and chocolate pretzel day? I loved that...Now that is BALANCE!

Jolene said...

I'm with you on the department store mirrors...I swear they are special-made mirrors or something! I see EVERY.SINGLE. flaw on those damn mirrors. UGH!

terri c said...

No. Your ass CANNOT be that big. It is the mirrors and it is not fair. (MY ass, on the other hand--let's not go there.) I sure wish things could be easier for you and the twins; you have had one helluva few years and I am thinking "time for a break" thoughts your way.

Geohde said...

Store mirrors are all evil. Pure evil. I refuse to concede that my arse is as big and lumpy as they make out.


Anna said...

Red Sox! At least Beckett is up tomorrow. But all the pitching in the world won't help if they don't score some runs. They always have that sense though that maybe this game will be the start of something big. And here's hoping for a sudden special on PDX seats :)

Amy said...

I disagree.

The lighting at my hairdressers is SO bad I dread going and having to look at myself for the half hour it takes. Almost as bad as going to the dentist for a cleaning.. at least there I don't have to watch.

Not a jogger but found I enjoyed pushing a stroller for my walks far more than I do now holding a few dog leashes. I liked the company and the weight of the pushing of the twin stroller!

Rebecca & Chris said...


I'm a long time lurker and first time poster! I am also struggling to find the motivation to keep up with running. I completed a 10K race back in July and, without a goal, it's been tricky to get out there.

Some things that I find work for me are:
- having a run buddy (is there anyone you can think of who you'd enjoy running with, or, are you able to join an informal run club?)
- having a goal (is there anything coming up in the next month or two?, why not sign up for another race?)
- not thinking about it too much (if I think about it, I never do it...as soon as I think that I should run, I commit to it and get moving, even if it's just taking out my running shoes so I can see them and not lose motivation!)
- keeping a run journal (I just jot down if I went, not even how far or a specific time, and I find I am less likely to "skip" because I don't want to put a big ZERO in my journal)

I hope that helps. If you do skip, don't get down on yourself. Just accept that a run didn't happen, put it past you, and make plans for the next one.

Good luck!!

Cris said...

Oh the red sox...as a fellow bostoner and native new englander, I am equally disheartened. I also happen to be 39 weeks pregnant, which means I cried when they lost the other night. Maybe tonight I should just go to bed early with my fingers crossed?

OTRgirl said...

Just catching up on your last three posts. I have no profundity, just a virtual hug.

kathy said...

Ugh the fitting room.....not my friend at all. We've been in a fight since 1998.

becky said...

I hate dressing rooms with such a passion. It makes clothes shopping, which I love, into a nightmare.

Heather said...

I find the mirror issue in reverse. I find everything looks sleek and flattering at the store. I buy it and bring it home. Then when I go to dress in my own house, I look like a sack of potatoes!

OTRgirl said...

Last night, Jrex was watching the game and upset that the Sox were winning. (yankee boy) I said, "Well, Snickollet WAS just widowed six months ago, and she wants the Sox to win, so maybe we should root for them for her sake?"

He muttered, "It's a powerful argument, but some things are bigger than one individual..."

I laughed at his pain (I'm so mean), "Well, I've never liked Cleveland, I do like Snickollet and I've lived in Boston, so I think I'll vote for the Red Sox."

Good game last night! I'm SO glad to live on the West Coast during World Series season.

every tenth said...

Well, Beckett came through last night, so let's hope that Curt comes through with a *huge* game Saturday night. Hope you're doing ok -- I've been thinking about you this week.

ellemenope said...

Cross training is my friend for keeping motivated. I started doing triathlons for just this reason. That way if I don't feel motivated to run I can bike or swim. But running will always be my first love.

Have you tried pilates at all? Going to a class every few times a week helps me too and strengthening my core helped shave off about 5 minutes from my 10K time. I'm also shooting for my first marathon next spring -- we'll see.

And yeah, go Sox! I grew up in Harvard, MA and went to the world series to see them play when I was a kid in the late 70's. Now I walk around South Dakota where I live with a Red Sox jacket on and everyone thinks I am nuts. It's all about the Rockies out here.

buddha_girl said...

I'm going there - I can't stand the Sox.

On to better things:
I truly believe in my heart of hearts that the lighting and mirrors are rigged to make you look fucking digusting in any dressing room. From WalMart to Saks...ugly.

Pushing a jogging stroller...even empty...hold no appeal for me. I'm proud that you like running...sheesh.

If you like, I can ship Buddha to ya. He can run along with you while I stroll with your twins!

Trish said...

I've been known to buy stuff, take it to Express (mine has excellent lighting in the fitting rooms), and then return what I don't like. It's not exactly kid-friendly, but I don't feel like crap trying on clothing.

Michele (Moosh) said...

Ugh. Plane tickets. I'm trying to do the reverse--PDX to Boston--last minute for Thanksgiving. Right. Keep dreaming....

Have you seen farecast.com? You should check it out...it recommends when to buy and when to wait.

As for clothes shopping--yeah. I'm three months post partum and though down to my normal weight (that many call skinny), nothing fits me anymore. I have yet to get used to this new wide-hip look I'm currently sprouting. Now if it were J-Lo bootie in the back that would be one thing...but I look like a frying pan (or a wok) with my legs being the handle. Catch my drift?

If you do make it back in December let me know if you'd like to meet up! Bob and Alice (your parents' neighbors) want to have me over to meet your mom--LOL. They love our "small world" story. Might be a bit confusing with the "Maddies", though! :-)

How 'bout them Sox, now? Watching Clemens tonight reminded me of the Yankees arse-whooping that was more memorable than the actual championship! **I'm so tired that I'm not writing coherently**--we'll either be gloating or crying Monday morning though!

Michele (Moosh) said...

Did I say Clemens??? LOL!

I meant to say Schilling!