26 March 2007

Operation Cheerios

Our normal morning routine involves the twins playing with toys in their clip-on high chairs while GH and I eat some oatmeal before getting on with the day. I love family breakfast time. The twins are usually happy to just hang out and it's a nice time for us all to be together.

This morning, Madeleine was cranky for no reason that I could discern, and Riley was seriously indignant that GH would not share his oatmeal. Riley! You just breastfed for twenty minutes! I thought to myself. But hey, a boy can still be hungry, right? So I decided that it was time for Operation: Cheerios.

We'd put off giving the twins Cheerios (in our case, Trader Joe's Os) because our pediatrician had said no wheat until nine months. Also, Riley has a tendency to gag on food that is not pureed. Well, nine months came and went last week and I didn't have any pureed food thawed (plus I wanted to eat my own breakfast, not feed the babies!), so I threw some Os in front of the twins and let them go wild.

GH and I tried to show them how to eat the cereal, but they didn't really get it. It did keep them occupied, though, as they tried to pick the rounds up. I popped a couple of pieces (one at at time, natch) into Ri-Man's mouth, and he looked confused but did gum them and swallow them without incident. Maddie was like Fort Knox when I tried to put any in her mouth, but she did like throwing them on the floor.

And just like that, another new era in their lives has begun.


Rachel said...

Sounds like fun. Finger foods can keep them occupied for ages. I also liked being able to serve some version of what everyone else was eating. I'm surprised about the doctor telling you to hold off on wheat. It's all kind of fuzzy now, but I'm pretty sure wheat was one of the first things Bella tried.

Lisa said...

Oh Yeah...

Get ready for a life devoted entirely to stepping on and picking up cheerios off the floor!

(Unless you have a dog? They come in handy in that regard.)

halfmama said...

With double the activity, every little step is a huge milestone! Just wait until they can use their own utensils, climb into their high chairs themselves, and tell you what they want to eat!

Congratulations on hitting the Cheerios stage. :)

Angela said...

Now, the real fun begins, food mushing, food in the hair and the ever popular food throwing! Enjoy!

BethGo said...

I didn't know that Cheerios have wheat in them. I thought they were oats. Uh oh. I fed my kids Cheerios early. No food allergies so far (knock wood). :)
Your breakfasts sound lovely.

Klynn said...

Gerber makes fruit and veggie puffs. You can probably find some kind of organic equivalent. They dissolve much easier than cheerios, and could be considered healthier, if you can find some good organic ones. That said....yay for finger foods!

Yankee, Transferred said...

I've just come over after a weekend with family here. I am so, so sorry about the developments on the GH front.
Cheerios are funny-kids love 'em!
I'll shoot you an email tomorrow.

bg's Little Sis said...

At this stage we bought the Cheerios book, kept the kids amused for a long time, fitting the little o's into the spaces, got messy, but it was fun!