27 March 2007

Nine Months

A few days late, the twins had their nine-month checkup with the pediatrician today. The numbers:

Riley is 19lbs, 5oz and 27.5 inches long. He was, however, screaming at the top of his lungs while getting measured*, and the good doctor thinks that his height measurement was a little off. He's probably a bit longer.

Maddie is 18lbs, 15oz and 27.75 inches long.

Both babies are around the 50 percentile mark for weight. Maddie is 75th percentile for height, while Riley is somewhere between 25th and 50th, but that is probably off. Both of them are 90th percentile for head size. They take after their dad.

Everything looked great. Riley has a bit of eczema. Maddie has a fungal infection on her girl parts. Both kids are "blessed" with sensitive skin from Mom and Dad. We got the green light to introduce dairy and eggs and let them play with finger food. Let the games begin!

The pediatrician, who I love, ended the appointment by saying, "They are perfect." I already knew that, but it was nice to hear it from a professional.

*GH and I dropped the kids off at daycare at 8:30, went out for breakfast, then picked them back up at 9:45 for a 10:00 appointment. Normally they get bottles at 10:00; I had asked the women at daycare to not feed them before we picked them up so that I could just breastfeed them at the doctor's office. Well, Riley saw one of the other kids getting a bottle--an Avent, just like he takes--at 9:30 and he freaked out because he wanted a bottle, too. Poor little man! He had to wait until we got to the doc's and he got all weighed and measured. Sometimes it's hard to be a baby.

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Rachel said...

I'm glad the visit went well. I used to look forward to well baby checks because it was so reassuring to hear that she was on target.