14 March 2007

More Food

Inspired by noodles and beer night, I cooked again yesterday after the twins went down. This time, I tried a new Cook's Illustrated recipe, "Thai Chicken Soup at Home," a use-stuff-from-your-pantry version of the coconut milk-based soup that's always on the menu at Thai places. I'm both a whore for Cook's and a whore for this soup, so I could hardly resist the siren call.

Cook's recipes can be a bit fussy, but they usually yield excellent results. This particular recipe, however, was relatively straightforward. It went together in about 45 minutes and it was everything I wanted it to be. MMM. No beer this time, but a nice glass of wine made an excellent accompaniment. I want to start keeping a running tab of these meals that go together quickly enough that I can make them after the kids go to bed and still have some time left to enjoy my evening before I collapse into a heap.

I'll post the soup recipe if there's interest.

Not food-related: the twins slept well again for night 2 of solo cribs. They were up and yammering by 6:45 this time, which is fine by me.


Rachel said...

Yeah, post the recipe. :) I love Thai food.

Glad the twins are sleeping well.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the posting of how to make it, after the noodles, which were such a hit I'm making them again this weekend:)

Kudos to you and babies on the sleeping too.

Rev Dr Mom said...

I'm not eating chicken right now, but I'd still love the recipe. I LOVE Thai food.

kim said...

Sounds delish! Post, post, post!

Btw, happy babies = happy mommy. Be sure to get a few extra zzz's in there too!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Love the solo sleeping news. They sound so darling!

Angela said...

yes, I definitely want to see that recipe, please post!

So glad the babies are sleeping well.

laura said...

Please post. I, too, love Thai food and never really make it at home.

Anonymous said...


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