15 March 2007

Help Me Take My Mind off Cancer

GH and I are ever-so-vaguely considering a vacation to Puerto Rico. The wise Moxie and her readers recommend it, and it's a place we'd talked about going in the past. This would likely be a vacation avec enfants, although also likely avec a grandfather, so we'd have some time for grown-up outings. Not exactly sure when we'd go, but no matter when, our vacation goal is mostly relaxation, but we'd like to go someplace with interesting sights and places that we could visit with the kids, too.

Any of you been to Puerto Rico? What did you think?

Other suggestions?


Marie-Baguette said...

I have been there and it is really nice and the history is quite fascinating. But it can be extremely hot so I am not sure the babies will like it. San Juan is good for a couple of days, but it is quite small . Culebra is supposed to be beautiful

Cathy said...

I have not been there, but have been to islands around there in the Caribbean - and like marie-baguette, it's HOT - so plan accordingly - and the rays of the sun bear down harder as you get closer to the equator.

However, the islands down there are simply beautiful.

OTRgirl said...

I've never done the Caribbean, except for Miami (does that count?). Even in May in Miami it was very warm. I'm guessing that 'hot' sounds good during March in Bahstan.

I love your bravery to do all this flying and travel with the babies. I just spoke with my sister-in-law and she's reluctant to travel with one toddler from LA to San Fran...

Anonymous said...

stupid blogger, I had a great comment, I'll try and recreate it...we had friends that went with their children, albeit they were older, 4 and 6 yrs. old. They stayed at a wonderful resort, all inclusive, had lots of activities, tours that you could go on with guides, or little "trip packs" from guest services and do the trip on your own. They generally got out early and did stuff, then after lunch took a rest, swam, did naps if needed. Then low-key stuff late in the day and dinner by the water she said. They enjoyed it a great deal, but one trip they did on their own she said they got a bit lost and ended up in the side of town where tourists usually don't venture. She was disturbed by the overwhelming difference in living conditions.

By the way, we're flying in a few weeks with all the kids, but it'll be our first time with a baby, any tips?

Snickollet said...

Li'l Sis--Good luck flying with the baby. I doubt any of my tips are things you wouldn't think of on your own, but here goes:
• Bring plenty of little toys that you don't mind losing.
• Plastic cups make great disposable toys. The twins love chewing on them, banging them together, hiding things under them, etc. I asked for two as soon as I got on the plane.
• If you will need to mix formula, bring your own water on the plane (OK now if you get the water after you go through security.) Sometimes the flight attendants are busy when you want to get the water.
• Many airlines do not have changing tables in their tiny bathrooms. Change the baby right before boarding and hope you don't need to change during the flight because it's really a pain.
• We liked sitting in the very back of the plane. Close proximity to the flight attendants and bathrooms, and the white nose of the engines is louder back there and can be very soothing to babies.
• I've been happily surprised by how kind people have been to us even when both babies are screaming.
• If the flight offers preboarding, you might want to send one adult (I assume your husband is coming along?) in with the older kids to get things set up, then have the person with the baby get on last so you're not trying to juggle a baby while you get settled.

If I think of anything else, I'll post more later. Where are you going? Someplace fun, I hope!

Rev Dr Mom said...

My daughter went to PR with her in-laws--before they were her in-laws (she got engaged there.) I'll ask her.