15 March 2007

The ABC Meme

I've been tagged by Shabby Doll.

A- Available or single? Neither one.
B- Best friend? Erk, since freshman year in college
C- Cake or pie? Depends on the day. I love cherry pie, and I love most cakes with a particular fondness for chocolate cake that has been well-chilled.
D- Drink of choice? Water, room temperature, no ice
E- Essential item? Reading material
F- Favorite color? Orange
G- Gummi bears or worms? Both. I love gummy candy.
H- Hometown? Portland, OR
I- Indulgence? I buy myself a coffee every day on the way to work even though I know that if I saved all that money and invested it I could retire a millionaire at age 42 or something.
J- January or February? January
K- Kids/pets and names? Boy/girl twins Madeleine and Riley, nine months old on 22 June 2006; cat named Dinner, 12 years old this past March
L- Life is incomplete without…? My family. Books. Good food. Friends. Hot baths. Ice cream. I could keep going . . .
M- Marriage date or other important anniversary? 14 August 2004 (wedding)
N- Number of siblings? No blood siblings. I have one stepbrother.
O- Oranges or apples? I like both, but I prefer apples.
P- Phobias/Fears? The dark.
Q- Favorite quote? "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." (I guess that's really a saying, not a quote, but good enough.)
R- Reasons to smile? Seeing the twins for the first time every morning. Sunny days. Ugh, I sound like Pollyanna.
S- Season? Spring
T- Tag 3 people? This meme has been around for a while, so I'm going to let people self-tag.
U- Unknown fact about you? Like many little girls, I was way into the horse thing in early grade school. I actually took riding lessons and rode in horse shows and stuff. I never had my own horse, though. Then in fifth grade I broke my foot (walking up stairs, not in a riding accident!) and never went back to riding.
V- Vegetable you hate? That curly stuff they put in salads. What's it called? Frisee or somesuch?
W-Worst habit? A tendency towards the judgmental.
X- Xrays you’ve had? Left foot. Teeth.
Y- Your favorite foods? Ice cream.
Z- Zodiac? Capricorn


Yankee, Transferred said...

We share quite a bit-kid's name, zodiac sign, essential item, indulgence, favorite food, and drink of choice.
Have a great weekend!

Rev Dr Mom said...

I used to buy coffee everyday, too. I still would if there were any convenient place to buy it now.