08 October 2006

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

I guess it was fate that this evening made me notice that October was my anniversary month. I decided to click on through and see what the actual day was. Lo and behold, it was 8 October of last year that I began blogging.

So much has changed:

I have twins.
I still have my husband.
I have gotten support that I never imagined from a group of people I can't even see who live inside my computer.
I am older.
I am wiser.
I am more humble.
I am both happier and sadder.
I am way, way more tired.

This seems the perfect time to say thank you to those of you who read my blog. I'm constantly amazed by the fact that I have regular readers. Are y'all gluttons for punishment? For the most part (twin pictures excluded), I'm not exactly a ray of sunshine in your day. But I don't want to deter you because your comments and your presence in my life mean a lot to me. I've been lucky enough to meet a few of you in person, and you've been even more amazing in real life than in blogville.

In any case, thank you. Thank you. And an invitation to any lurkers out there: take this opportunity to say hello if you'd like.

Here's to many more years of this.


Anonymous said...

Delurking to wish you a Happy Blogiversary on my birthday!

Your babies are beautiful and I admire your strength.

Thinking good thoughts for your family.


Leggy said...

I like that why do we read and are you gluttons for punishment? I feel like my readers must think the same thing as I'm in the process of a big brain dump of the last 15 years.
I think honestly its that we all have hard stuff going on or in our past to process. Very few people in real life are willing to talk about it and so we take comfort in each other.
Happy blogoversary.

critter said...

A blog birthday is reason to delurk. You have taught me so much in your posts, some of which are sad, many of which are not. My prayers to you and your family. Thanks for keeping your blog up and running.

Caminante (walker) said...

Delurking to wish you a happy blogversary (?). It's my sister's birthday :) I have been reading here for five months or so, I can't remember exactly how I landed on your blog other than perhaps it was clicking on a comment you left on someone else's blog. Anyway, all the best to you, your twins and your husband.

weigook saram said...

Happy Blogiversary!

For me, blogging/ reading blogs is all about community. I feel like I know you, even though we've never met, and I think you're a very brave woman.

Peggy said...

Delurking to say wish you a Happy Blogivesary!!

Sending good thoughts for all of you.

From a twin mommy too :)

Anonymous said...

I lurk. In fact I lurk on your blog nearly every day! Happy Anniversary. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences and terribly cute photos with this lurker. I wish the best for all of you - nearly every day.


bg's Little Sis said...

Happy blogiversary to you! I'm so glad you keep posting, like weigook and so many others, I feel like I know you and am so glad you continue to post. Thinking of you and the whole family and sending you all the best wishes through the ether!

Christine said...

Happy blogiversary!

October 8 is my hubby's birthday, so it's a special day for me, too!

Klynn said...

Happy Blogiversary.

Another guilty lurker.

I hope that everything in your list still applies in every way a year from now...well except for the sad and tired parts, I hope you can leave them out next time.

Angela said...

Wishing you a Happy Blogiversary! Your strength, optimism and honesty is truly inspiring, I have been thinking about starting my own blog, but don't know if I can be truly honest and open like you. Thank you for sharing.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Aw, Snick, happy blogiversary! I only wish you were happier and happier. Sending my love to all.

Beret said...

Love your blog. Happy Anniversary!

Heather said...

I think I've commented before, but I read because I am awed by your strength and I love to hear about your beautiful children.

Happy Blogiversary indeed.

Suzanne said...

Happy Blogiversary, I love reading about the twins and the pics and keep praying that everything will go well for your husband.

Newbie said...

Happy Blogiversary - I am also uncertain how I ended up here - maybe from Dorcasina's website - which I found from comments she left on Bitch Ph.D.'s website. That is only possible route that comes to mind.

To say I enjoy reading your blog doesn't sound quite right - but I do. In that strange way that community is built - I feel like you and your family are part of my online community and my thoughts and wishes are with you all.

Just Me said...

Another lurker, saying hello. I think I commented once long ago but that doesn't really count.

You have gorgeous babies, and really, you have a lot that could make this a very sad place. It isn't, it's a very realistic place.

haitch pee said...

Still more delurking to say happy anniversary. You inspire me whenever I read a post; thank you! And i'm always hoping for the very best for you and your beautiful family.

Melissa said...

Happy Blogiversary from one more regular reader.

From Korea ...

soralis said...

Happy Blogversary!

Take care!

Anna said...

Delurking from Belgium. Hapy blogiversary as well.
I read your blog because it's well written about every day stuff, although you have a lot more to handle then I do (hug). Your strength is amazing indeed.

Hope you continue to write - and hope you feel happier in the future.

Priscilla said...

Your writing is honest and heartfelt. Your situation is full of heartbreak and utter joy at the same time. I wish you and your family the best.