11 October 2006


Things are good in Twinville. Riley is slowly but surely getting the hang of bottle feeding. They are sleeping OK at night, not great, but this is the transition-to-daycare week, so I expect some bumps along the road.

I really like being back at work. I am more patient with the babies when I get a break from them and I love doing something that I know how to do all day. My actual job is lame; my company is in flux, I harbor some residual bitterness about not getting the promotion I applied for before I left, and the projects I have to work on are lackluster. But despite all that, I like rediscovering my professional identity. Plus I can show off pictures of the twins to all of my coworkers!


Feels good. Looks great. Has appointment with oncologist to talk about the fact that despite feeling and looking good, his numbers are all headed in the wrong direction. We anticipate a treatment change. We fear that we're out of treatment options. We'll find out more in just a couple of hours.

Thanks to everyone who celebrated my Blogiversary with me. I was really touched by all the comments. As time permits, I look forward to discovering some of the blogs of the lurkers. A new blog is always a fun way to take a break from a boring project at work!

I'll post more about GH once I've got the news and have time to process. Hopefully I'll have something positive to say.


bg's Little Sis said...

Getting back to work was always good for me to, hard at first, but good for my sanity.

On GH, thinking good thoughts for you all and keeping you in my prayers.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Love to you.