07 September 2006


How do I know I'm an optimist at heart?

Every night when I go to bed, I think, "This could be the night the twins sleep through the night!"


OTRgirl said...

My sister wanted to post this in response to your previous posts but couldn't make it work. So here ya' go, from OTRsis:

I'm no help because I read one of the guilt-inducing books. It worked for me but I had to tune out all the warnings that my child would be a crack-dealer if she didn't take a nap.

One recommendation I have heard from multiple sources is that it is a good idea to watch the signals for early tiredness (rubbing of eyes, yawning, rubbing their head against your chest) and put them in their crib while they are drowsy but still awake. That way they learn how to comfort themselves to sleep. In the short-term you have to listen to them cry for awhile (which some people might call CPS on me for) but in the long-term they go down for a nap without a peep.

Comfort routines also help, e.g., always sing them a song in the rocking chair and then wrap them in a familiar blanket or wrap.

But this time is hard. I remember days like your former entry and feeling like I lived through 12 days in one.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I hope you slept. You all need it.