08 September 2006

Praise Be!

The "sleep begets sleep" adage seems to be true. The babies napped like champs yesterday (albeit mostly in the stroller or swing), and they were in bed sound asleep by 8:00. And they slept until almost 3:00AM! OK, not without some bumps: by midnight, both of them were in bed with us, but sleeping like logs. Truth be told, I like having them in bed with us. It feels very cozy and safe, and they clearly are comforted by it, too.

They went right back to bed after the 3:00 feeding and slept until almost 6:00. Good job, babies!

Additional proof that I am an optimist: When sleeping goes well--even for just one night--I assume that it's the start of a trend.


bg's Little Sis said...

Yeah, it's a trend, yep, it's got to be! *fingers crossed for you all*

I remember the first few times mine slept for 6 hours straight, I felt like I'd had a full nights sleep, it's amazing the toll sleep deprivation takes on a person.

I hope today and tonight are just as good!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Think positive! It probably IS a trend!

OTRgirl said...

Trend away! I like optimism. Sleep more little babies!

soralis said...

Hope that sleeping trend continues! Good luck