07 September 2006

Four Coping Strategies

1. Feeding time was about the only lull that I got in yesterday's crying. So instead of focusing on the magical bonding that is the breastfeeding process, I focused on the magic of time for myself, of sorts. I watched the Sopranos and crammed potato chips into my mouth. Helllloooo, comfort eating! It was kind of awesome.

2. Today is "of course my hair will look fine if I don't blow it dry" day. Five minutes of blowdrying is five minutes I could spend posting to my blog, or eating more chips, or taking a power nap. Down with blowdrying!

3. On a somewhat contradictory note, I'm tired of seeing pictures of myself and thinking, "Damn, who is that tired old woman?" My fabulous, glamorous sister-in-law is coming to town this weekend, and I've asked her to devise a quick, easy, natural-looking makeup regimen for me. I want to feel pretty again! I've never really worn makeup (other than a brief, desperate, and failed attempt to fit in during high school). Makeup counters scare me, but with my sis-in-law at my side, I think I can handle it.

4. Speaking of my sister-in-law, I can't wait for her to get here. The extra pair of hands will be nice, but she's also an incredibly good listener and always has valuable perspectives on all life's twists and turns. Plus she's in a new relationship with a guy who sounds great; I'm looking forward to some vicarious living of those heady early relationship moments.

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bg's Little Sis said...

Have a great visit, I love hearing the tales from my single and/or dating friends, brings back old memories and usually makes me more grateful for the space I'm in right now too. Pass along those makeup tips girl, we can use them too!