14 June 2006

Weight Gain

I'm posting happy today! I'm also a little slap-happy due to not sleeping well last night, but that's not my point.

I wanted to let everyone know that at today's chemo weigh-in, GH had gained five pounds. Hurrah! That was good news. He still looks thin and a bit sickly to me, but a five pound gain is a good start.


Leggy said...

3 posts in one day- wow! I was wondering if your silence meant early labor. I'm glad GH is doing better and yeah for the weight gain (better him than you, right?)

Can't believe your calendar and how much your life will change over the next 2 weeks. Amazing & exciting.

Yankee T said...

Excellent! Good news all around.
Been missin' ya'.

Menita said...

That is great!!!

lct said...

That is good news! Time to celebrate with a milkshake or two!

OTRgirl said...

Your countdown makes it all seem REAL. I mean, of course its all real, but wow. You have a big week ahead of you.

I wish I lived closer, too! It would be so fun to see your babies and see you and GH figuring out the parenting thing. I guess I'll have to just be content with reading about it all.