18 June 2006


I realized yesterday that I have not packed for the hospital. I should probably do this. While I don't intend to go there before Thursday, who knows what could happen? It would be wise to be prepared.

I've traveled a lot in my life. I've lived overseas multiple times and taken trips ranging from a simple overnight to six-week European hosteling adventures. I'm good at packing. This, however, is one trip that has me scratching my head. I have no idea what to bring to the hospital! Here's what I'm thinking:

• the camera
• basic toiletries
• a couple of pair of socks
• a couple of pair of loose, comfy PJ bottoms
• 2-3 nursing bras
• 2-3 nursing-appropriate shirts (I have one that buttons in front and a few that are designed for nursing)
• underwear, of course
• going-home outfits for the babies
• snacks!

So, moms out there (and non-moms--I'll take any and all advice), am I missing anything? Any other tips? I thought about packing a book, then I thought, "Ha ha ha! That's funny!"

GH will bring the laptop back and forth: free wireless Internet on the maternity floor! Hopefully one of us will have time to post some baby news.


Patti said...

Snick, I am just so happy for you and GH. This is such an exciting time. Enjoy these last few days together before the chaos totally takes over. ;-)

Menita said...

Sounds like you're set! Don't forget extra batteries for the camera, though!

weigook saram said...

You might want to pack some lanolin cream and breast pads. Yes, definitely bring snacks, although they probably won't let you eat for a little while after your c-section.

Yankee T said...

Something to wear home. For you. PLEASE try to take pictures!

OTRgirl said...

Actually, the days my sister was in the hospital there was some down time. Maybe it was just during the epideral (not so applicable for you...)? But I think in general they told her to bring one or two of her favorite DVDs and a book.

Otherwise that all sounds good.

bg's Little Sis said...

I've had 3 c-sections and one item I had not thought of was a robe..I don't usually wear one but was great at the hospital. They want you up and walking as soon as you can and with all the yuck, just leaving on the hospital gown and throwing my robe over it was so much easier. All the Best to you on your stay, can't wait to read all about it, I've enjoyed reading you a lot.


Michelle said...

Definitely yes to the lanolin cream (do not materinity floors stock this item? mine did not!) and robe, never touched the nursing bras or the PJ bottoms on either trip.

Small notebook and pen to write down messages and other stuff when you are too groggy to care or remember and for all those questions that you have. We still have the one we kept with my first and reading the questions my novice spouse had those early days brings back sweet memories....

Very loose pants - I gained only 12 poiunds with my 2nd kid and STILL could not get on a pair of elastic waisted shorts that were 1 size bigger than my usuals. Hate to say it, but just in case, tuck in a pair of maternity pants. I wished I had!

Best of luck to you all...