19 June 2006

Father's Day

Yesterday GH and I celebrated his first Father's Day. Even though he's technically not a father yet, we figured a) close enough and b) well, better celebrate this one in case there's not another. Sigh.

We didn't do anything grandiose, just the usual stuff we like to do. We went out for dim sum (YUM), ran some errands (OK, that wasn't really part of the celebration), took a late afternoon nap, went out for ice cream, and had a lazy evening dinner. We just enjoyed being together. It's really what we do best.

I'm all done with work and one of the things I want to do this week is take some time to write GH a letter. We are very good at telling each other important things, even the scary stuff. But I want to get some of my thoughts about our relationship and what it has brought to my life before the babies get here. Then I can write another one once the babies are here. Frankly, I'm not really sure what I'll say, but I can tell there's stuff in there and I want to get it out. It will be a belated Father's Day gift.


Yankee T said...

Oh, you are a good partner. It's so wonderful to have things in writing. He will be thrilled. I am pulling so hard for many more fathers days for GH. You're always in my thoughts.

Countdown is ON, huh? Such fun! Babie this week!

Yankee T said...

babies, not babie

weigook saram said...

Well, it sounds like exactly the sort of day you should be having right before the babies arrive. Enjoy those lazy dinners now!

Just the mention of "dim sum" is enough to make me hungry.