04 April 2006

The Will that Wouldn't

We had the second part of our Make-A-Will class last night. I was happy that GH was up to going with me this time as last time was stressful and kind of scary, plus he needed to be there for all of the signing of the paperwork.

The class was supposed to be quite short, just a review of the wills themselves, a lot of signing of our names, some notarizing, some instructions on what to do with the wills, and away we'd go. Alas, things are rarely as simple as they are "supposed to" be. As we reviewed our documents, GH found an error in his will. It figures, right? The person in the room who is probably most in need of that document is the one who finds a mistake. And of course the error was on the final page: the page that gets signed, witnessed, and notarized.

Because this is a community ed class, we were in a high school classroom with no computer, no printer. (In retrospect, the lack of a computer is kind of surprising as this is an affluent suburban school.) Even if there had been a computer, though, the teacher didn't have her electronic files with her.

So, not only is GH the person who needs that document the most, but he's also the one for whom it is most inconvenient to have to go to the attorney's office to redo it at another time. OK, I make assumptions, but I have a feeling that getting out to do that is harder for the Goose than it is for the others in the class. Sigh. The attorney was very apologetic, and as a professional editor, I know that this stuff happens. But it was kind of annoying nonetheless.

At least mine was fine! And we're getting there. It feels good to tie up these ends, although it does bring up a lot of sadness and mourning of things that have yet to even come to pass.

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Yankee T said...

I'm feeling for you so much.