03 April 2006

My "Favorite" Comment

My mother-in-law made lots of choice comments over the weekend, but after some reflection, I've decided that this one was my "favorite":
From the back, you don't look like a pregnant woman, just a chubby lady.
Um, OK, thanks.


Dorcasina said...

OMG. Classic.

So happy you survived the weekend with humor and good spirits intact, that the sun is shining, that you have lovely new baby furniture, and your space back to yourself!

Enjoy it all, especially those boisterous and music loving twins!

Yankee T said...

Yikes. That's a beaut. I'm sure you look gorgeous. Glad it went relatively well (no pun intended) and that you weren't forced to commit mayhem.
Babies jumping to violins sounds delightful!

Christine said...

I love comments like that, where you're not sure if you're being insulted or sort-of complimented. I'm sure you're glad your weekend is over. Tell us how you are.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I gasped when I read that.