04 April 2006

It's not for nothing that he's a counselor.

GH is always joking about how he is a keen observer of human behavior. He's right, of course. Not only is he just an intuitive person, but he's also a trained professional counselor. I found this intimidating when we were first dating. It was like he could see right through me. Now I just know that I can't pull any bullshit with him (not that I would, right?)

I found out yesterday that I am somewhat anemic from the pregnancy, a common problem that will be remedied by iron supplements (yuck). I said to GH that I was surprised to get the news because I had been feeling so energetic lately. I said that if I got even more energetic after the supplements, I'd be superhuman!

His comment: "I get the sense that the energy you've been drawing on lately has been mostly generated by your mind and not your body."

I put that in my pipe and smoked it for a few minutes and came to the conclusion that he's right. If I've felt tired in the last few weeks, I've just mind-over-mattered it into submission. I just feel overwhelmed if I sit and think about it all too much so I've just been going-going-going. I'm worried that I'll get put on bedrest and then what will I do? I'll rest! And fret about what I'm not doing, even if I know that I'm taking care of the babies, a very important job.

All of this is of course tied to asking for help and knowing that I need to take care of myself if I want to be any use to anyone else. I need to think about where and how to cut back. I need to generate some energy of the body and give the mind a break.


lct said...

Good advice from GH. Do take care of yourself. And those babies!

OTRgirl said...

Ah, insightful husbands. Sometimes wonderful, often humbling. That sounds very wise.

I know that if I have emotions I'm avoiding I often get into 'go mode' as well. Since the other option seems to be burying my head in a novel (to complete the avoidance), I usually opt for 'go mode'. I eventually have to just push through the emotional wall and let myself feel all the 'junk'. I hate the whole cycle.

Do take care of yourself.