27 February 2006

First Day Back

I have survived my first day back at work post-vacation. That's always an accomplishment. Luckily, it was a pretty easy day, and I got out for a walk that really saved me from falling asleep on my desk in the late afternoon.

GH had his radiology consult today. The doc said that his spleen did not show much evidence of shrinkage, but it had decreased a little. Spleen radiation is borderline experimental, so the fact that there was any reaction is good. The doc would like to continue with some radiation treatments, but we don't have time. Tumor marker numbers are on the rise, liver function tests are getting wacky . . . time to pump poison through the veins. So we're back to chemo on Thursday. I don't know what the oncologist will do if there's no improvement in platelet counts; I guess she must have some kind of plan. GH has another radiation consult in a month and depending on how things are going with chemo, he may get zapped some more then. "Hooray."

Time for me to grab my book, change into my PJs, and read on the couch. Ahhhh.


Anonymous said...

you are brave beyond words.

Yankee T said...

Thinking of all of you as you head into another round.