13 February 2006


Have cold. Came to work anyway. Decided it was better to spread my germs around the office than to share them all with GH. This is a questionable decision at best, but he has a snow day from school, so he was going to be around germy me all day if I stayed home, so off I went. I'm plowing through the Kleenex at an alarming pace and will likely go home early once I finish up a project that I need to do on my work computer and once GH has left for his radiation treatment du jour.

What a weekend. I felt gross for most of yesterday, and GH was dealing with either radiation effects, a stomach bug, or just a bad combo of food (he did eat some very spicy Thai leftovers on an empty stomach while we cooked breakfast on Sunday . . .) I blame it all on Babies'R'Us. We spent three hours there on Saturday registering. So much commercialism! So much STUFF. It was well and truly awful, although we do need some things and people have been asking us when we're going to register. So another thing checked off the list.

We did get snowed in yesterday, which was kind of awesome. I did a whole lot of nothing ALL DAY. Made homemade marinara sauce for the first time, watched the last four episodes of Sex and the City that I'd never seen, watched the Olympics, and somehow passed the whole day at leisure. Hooray for that.

My head feels like it's going to explode, but there are some ideas in there that should make for more interesting blog fodder than a list of my weekend activities. Hopefully as the week wears on, I'll feel up to getting them out in a post.

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Yankee T said...

Sorry about the cold. I've always thought nature was totally unfair. Pregnancy is enough of a body change-a clogged head has no place!