23 January 2006

Who knew I'd ever care about garage doors?

We have a one-car garage with an automatic door. A few weeks ago, it started acting up. You'd pull the car in, push the button to put the door down as you exited, and the door would go all the way down, pause, then go all the way back up again. While a large part of me felt like, "Oh, well, who really cares?" because we don't store anything (except the car) in the garage and I'm not too worried about car theft in our 'hood, another part of me felt like I needed to be a responsible homeowner and Get This Problem Taken Care Of.

This created issues for me.

1. Who the hell do you call to fix a garage door?
2. I am cheap, no, no, frugal. I'm frugal! And I feared that the Garage Door Fixer Person would charge me a lot of money for something simple that I could do myself, and then I'd feel hoodwinked. Yes, HOODWINKED.

So I procrastinated until my lovely, handy stepfather came to town. And I am pleased to report that my slackerdom paid off. Between the two of us (well, mostly between him and himself with me watching) we fixed the door! For free! And even better, we fixed the automatic light that should have been coming on every time the door opened but that had never actually worked.

We rock. OK, my stepdad rocks. The whole thing made me feel Powerful, as if the same situation arises again, I would be able to fix it on my own.

Amazing what you are forced to learn when you buy a dwelling.


lct said...

Your stepdad is great. Does he want to come visit me? I have a whole list of little projects like this that need doing. Oh, to have mechanical intelligence!

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