20 January 2006

At least we've got something on the schedule

GH is going in for chemo (Gemzar + Avastin, a combo that was very helpful to him in the past) next Wednesday. Hopefully his poor platelets will be able to handle it. It feels good to have something on the schedule even though there's part of me that is skeptical that we'll be able to keep up this regimen.

In the meantime, GH's oncologist is looking into a few other options. She's going to talk to a radiologist about radiating the spleen to reduce its size; this could bring the platelet count up. She's also going to check into CyberKnife, although she doesn't think it's used on people whose cancers have spread as far as GH's has.

I'm glad today's Friday. GH is doing a consulting job after work today, so I have an evening at home by myself. In theory, I love having evenings at home by myself, but right now they are bittersweet. I want to spend every evening with GH. At least I can get some chores out of the way tonight in preparation for my parents' arrival so that GH and I don't have to spend our together time doing those. And I'll take some time to read, rest, relax. Eat some good food. We have all manner of yummy things in the house watiting for my parents' arrival.

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Leggy said...

Your grace in getting through this is just amazing. I know you don't have a choice but to go through it, but that doesn't make you any less amazing.

Do you mind if I link to you on my blog? I know you've been a fairly private blogger, so I don't want to drive more traffic to you if that's not what you want.