31 January 2006

Radiation Update

GH and I went to his radiation consult yesterday. We're plowing ahead with radiating the spleen, the hope being that the spleen with shrink down and stop hoarding/eating platelets. This is an uncommon procedure; it's much more common to just take the spleen out. But the doc feels like the potential benefits outweigh the risks, so we'll give it a shot.

GH goes back to the inconveniently located downtown hospital again tomorrow for another consult/planning session, then starts the treatments on Friday or Monday. Side effects are nothing new: nausea, vomiting, fatigue. The doc cheerfully said, "We'll give you plenty of anti-emitics for the nausea!" to which we replied, "Which ones? We're all stocked up on Zofran, Compazene, and Decadron. And Ativan!" I've joked before that we could probably finance our kids' education by selling GH's drugs on the street, but that was before someone stole his OxyContin.

I am plagued by The Hunger That Knows No Bounds today. I've had a granola bar, some cereal, some cheese popcorn, and two clementines. And it's only 11:30! I think the cheesy pregnancy aerobics video I did this morning is a factor. The video was led by Kathy Smith, all decked out in a leotard and accompanied by a posse of preggos in coordinating unitards. Very 80s hair and lots of puffy socks. The workout was actually pretty good, but as a break in the middle, Kathy and the Preggos did "The Pregnancy Shuffle," some kind of odd rap. It included the lines, "You should pass on the bagel/And do one more kegel!" Um, OK. Thanks for the tip.

Going to the BSO tonight. Trying to be excited. I love the symphony, but I'm so lazy! And I have a paper and take-home test for class this week. I suppose I should enjoy my last season of symphony tickets, though. No BSO renewal for us next year!

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