31 January 2006

My Fears

The crux of my fears about losing GH have been eloquently expressed by Dorcasina, a young widow who recently lost her husband to cancer. She is the mother to a fantastic-sounding three-year-old. In this post, she speaks honestly about all the things she misses about being married. It's everything I fear most. I'm so sorry she's going through it.

Weekend Blues


Leggy said...

Completely heartbreaking. Makes my own issues (how to have a 2nd kid) seem just completely trivial right now.

Dorcasina said...

Wow, Snickollet, reading your blog brought back memories--the Avastin, the platelets, the "bravery," the terror. I am so sorry to find you here, but glad that leggy made the link for me.

I guess I am proof (as is Badger) that this kind of loss can be "survived"--I get up, brush my teeth, and drive my daughter around.

But this is a bleak week; 10 weeks of widowhood, and while so far it is different, I can't say it's "better."

I so wish there was something I could do to make this path easier for you--and for GH--I've only begun reading your blog and so am not yet caught up on his saga.

Sending you love and sympathy and the knowledge that none of it does a damn bit of good--but that sometimes in this it is some small good to feel less alone.

My husband and I adopted our daughter after his diagnosis; motherhood in the face of all this is brave and, I understand, necessary.