27 January 2006

It's a girl! And a boy!

Ultrasound went great today. We really liked the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist we saw. He said that the babies look perfect and they weigh about 8 oz. each. The presenting twin (the one positioned to come out first) is almost certainly a girl; she is positioned right below my belly button and it was hard for the doc to get a clear shot. But he put the odds at 95% girl. The non-presenting twin is breech and is most definitely a boy.


All my vitals looked good, too. I've gained 16 pounds and my blood pressure was only 110/68, so that's looking good. I have developed a hemorrhoid (sorry for the TMI), which really sucks. But it's a small price to pay for healthy babies.

Ultrasound image on top is the girl, a nice full-profile view. She is on my right side. Image on the bottom is the boy, just a head shot as he was too wiggly for a full view. You can see his ribs really clearly in the image, which is interesting (at least to me). They are perfectly positioned to kick each other in the head in utero. Great.


Leggy said...

Very exciting- one of each. Re: the TMI. Eat lots of bran- bran muffins, oat meal, etc.

Menita said...

Wow! How great!

abigail said...

Congratulations! *smile*

Sarah said...

Congrats! :)

MDH said...

Way to go!