12 January 2006

2005 by City

Following the lead at kottke.org and megnut. com, here is my 2005 by cities. I had to spend the night in a place for it to make the cut:

Boston, MA*
Portland, OR*
Detroit, MI*
Milton, VT
Portland, ME
New York, NY
Chicago, IL
San Antonio, TX
Road Town, Tortola, BVI**
St. Thomas, USVI**
Nassau, Bahamas**
Juneau, AK**
Sitka, AK**
Ketchikan, AK**

Kind of a paltry list by my normal traveling standards, but it wasn't exactly a typical year. The list for 2006 will likely be even shorter due to the arrival of the twins and the associated difficulties of traveling with tiny people.

*Multiple visits on nonconsecutive days.
**Visited on a cruise, so technically no overnight stay.

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