13 January 2006

Finally Friday

Yesterday was long.

I swam in the morning at the Y, which was great. Went to work all day, which was work. Went straight to class, which was interesting. Called GH and found out that he was suffering from a stomach bug, poor thing. Stopped on the way home to buy him the essentials: soup, ginger ale, chips, fruit. Did some nursing. Fell into bed at 10. Slept like a log until 12. Then couldn't sleep at all after that. Tossed. Turned. Read for a while. Ate a snack. Tossed more. Turned more. Finally fell asleep at 6:00. Ugh.

I realize that in the realm of long, bad days, this is hardly something to complain about. It was just a busy day followed by a bad night's sleep. I just get so twisted up in knots when GH doesn't feel well. Has the cancer spread? Is the cancer more active? Does he just have a bug? Worrying is so draining. I know the worrying doesn't help anything, but it's nigh impossible to just turn it off.

GH is home from work today resting. He feels fine, but better safe than sorry. He was supposed to go do a consulting job this afternoon, but that's off, too. Hopefully a day of R&R will get things back to our version of normal.

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