10 November 2005


I'm in Denver. I got here Tuesday and I'm here for work. Two of the authors I work with are presenting today at the International Dyslexia Association annual conference.

So far, Denver is fine, not that I've been out exploring due to conference duties. My skin is dry and I am thirsty all the time. And I haven't really gotten to see anything except the hotel and the conference exhibit hall and rooms. The conference halls and exhibit areas are all underground, which is weird, and means that there are no windows anywhere, which makes it feel like Vegas, minus, you know, the slot machines and cocktail waitresses.

My room is on the 18th floor, which kind of makes up for the conference stuff being underground. I started on the lowly 7th floor, but the day after I arrived, the maintenance crew started painting right outside my room. First trimester babies and paint fumes don't go well together, so I requested a change in room and luckily that was accommodated. The staff at the hotel has been first-rate, I have to say. Very helpful.

Thankfully I've been feeling well, not too tired. I did raise some eyebrows when I was the only person not to have wine at our company dinner outing last night; I attributed my choice to dehydration. I'll be glad when my authors' presentation is done. They are well prepared and will do a great job, but they are nervous and need a lot of hand-holding.

Time for me to go grab some lunch then go to a session then go help my authors with their session. It's going to be a long afternoon. I see an evening of room service and an early bedtime in my future.

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cheesemeister said...

Welcome to Colorado where we are dry and thirsty all the time!
Glad things seem to be working out for you right now.