30 November 2005


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, a blur of sleeping, working, visitors, travel, feeling good, feeling bad, and trying to digest the big news.


Yup, there are two babies, and they both seem to be doing great. I had an ultrasound the day I left for Denver--lo, so many years ago it seems--that showed both babies measuring exactly on schedule, with little hearts just beating away. It was amazing, actually, to see how much they had changed in just a week. It was easier to see the head and body. They actually looked like something, albeit something a little alien.

Both GH and I are adjusting to this news. There are lots of positive aspects to it, but in a way it doubles the fear and nervousness. Mostly, though, we're excited. And nervous. And excited. And nervous. But I think that's the way all first-time parents feel.

We said our farewells to Dr. Best, but he made us promise to bring the babies by to visit. It was sad to part ways with him, but I know my OB will take good care of me; she did my myomectomy surgery last March, so I have a good history with her. I have my first appointment with her next week. I'll be almost ten weeks then!

I've been feeling OK. Not great. Some days I feel downright awful. But most days I feel good. Today, in fact, I feel more like my "normal" self than I have in months: normal appetite, reasonable energy level, etc.

My dad gets here tomorrow for a long weekend visit. It will be good to see him, but our house has been nonstop visitors for ages. We had friends in when I got home from Denver, different friends in the following weekend, then we went to Detroit for Thanksgiving to be with GH's family. And now my dad arrives. We said no visitors for December, but let him squeeze in a visit, but the rest of Dec. has already gotten busy wtih holiday stuff. When will the shopping get done? I haven't given it a moment's thought, other than to think, "Oh, hey, Christmas shopping," feel a bit stressed out, and move on to something else.

Friends are coming over soon to watch LOST, the last new episode before the new year. It will be nice to have people over, but I'm kicking them out promptly at 10:00 when the show is over. That's already past my bedtime!

I really hope my energy level is such now that I will be posting regularly again. I've missed writing, and when I don't do it regularly, it's hard to know where to start. Here's to being back on track.

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cheesemeister said...

That's excellent--best of luck to all of you! :-)