25 November 2009

Working at a Small Liberal-Arts College, Some Good Things

Parking is never a problem.

The walk from the parking lot to my building takes me across a bridge that spans a beautiful canyon, which is a calming and uplifting way to start the day.

Often, I end up walking with a coworker or two, most of whom are smart and interesting and make for enjoyable company.

Student-run coffee shops! Two of them! The students ring a little bell when you leave money in the tip jar. Pavlovian? No matter. Their coffee is GOOOOOOOD, and tip-worthy.

Full use of the campus library, including inter-library loan. On my way to get coffee today, I picked up Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and People of the Book.

I'm dressed up today, by which I mean that I'm wearing a skirt made of polar fleece.

The dining hall. Fountain soda whenever my little heart desires it.

The sports center. Exercise whenever I can muster the energy to go work out.

A mail room. I never run out of stamps.

Oh, yeah, the work. It's pretty interesting.

All in all, not a bad gig.


SMx said...

Strange & Norrell...ambitious girl. Good read but I eventually had to buy it since I could never get through it before I needed to return it to the library (and that was before being a mother of twins!)

beyond said...

looks like life is good. i love the idea of pavlovian tipping.

Deborah said...

having worked in higher ed for a few years (and two schools) let me add one more that I'm assuming you get...a lovely week+ a day or two off between xmas and nye. Glorious!

Pop and Ice said...

My hubby is interviewed today for his first job in academia. He would be a part time instructor, but I'm so excited for him to branch out into a new field! We'll know soon, but all the indications are positive.

I'll have to let him know there might be "perks" to find and, of course, meeting other teachers will expand his network even more.

I am happy that you are back in your home state (hometown?) and that things are working out for you, Maddie and Riley. And soon you'll have that condo off your hands. Happy holidays for sure!

Anonymous said...

People of the Book was the choice of my book club about six months ago ... I loved it, and went on to read the author's other works as well. Enjoy!

Leslie in Santa Cruz

Amber said...

Such a pretty campus too!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the kiddos!

Anonymous said...

it is a beautiful campus with so many old lovely homes nearby.
I was thinking as I read your post what a difference your job reflections are versus your past two jobs and the post from a year or even two years ago.
amanda in atlanta

kathleen999 said...

I liked Strange and Norrell.

I think I need to move to Portland. It sounds lovely. Does your college have any jobs for a graphic designer who does everything but specializes in PowerPoint presentations?

My husband is a bike nut and I hear Portland is the right place to be a bike nut.

Keen said...

All nice things, but I'm fixating on your skirt made of polar fleece. Must. Find. One.

Have a great trip tomorrow! Lollipop bribes worked wonders on our Thanksgiving road trip, as well.

Rachel said...

Sounds dreamy. I'm glad you are enjoying your workplace. I enjoyed both of those books. They are great for curling up and losing yourself for a couple of days.

Fairlington Blade said...

Available parkng near *any* college campus? You work at a truly blessed place.


Anonymous said...

Like I said on facebook - I think you'll like both of these books. If you like Little Women you'll also like another Geraldine Brooks' book - March. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your in-laws!


winecat said...

Sounds like heaven. I'm so glad your move has turned into a wonderful thing. I know you still miss John but to be in a place that makes you this happy and being close to your family to boot is a blessing you, Maddie and Riley richly deserve.

Dr. Smak said...

Best of both worlds: hanging out at college all day, but having money.

OTRgirl said...

The canyon bridge sounds wonderful. I'm really happy for you, reading these last two posts. You've definitely come a long way. Well done.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Hmmm... I'd like something like this. You know-- just as a break from these children who keep demanding things of me!

mlg said...

very nice. It is quite a wonderful list of things to be grateful for. I can picture the briddge and am filled with envy! glad you have found home and are nesting.

Sandi said...

People of the Book is a terrific read. She also wrote a Year of Wonder and won the Pulitzer for March, also great reads.

Suzi said...

you had me at unlimited Fountain Soda. Heaven.

The rest of the items are pretty darn good, too. :)

A mid-nineties Reedie said...

Thanks for this post. It brought back a rush of fond memories--especially of the mail room (I loved the mail room!) and walking over the cross canyon bridge every day as a first-year (when I lived in Chittick) and as a senior (when I lived at 34th and Holgate and walked to campus). Of course, I all but lived at the library, fueled by coffee from the Paradox.

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