24 November 2009


I went to my first parent/teacher conference this evening. Yes, for preschool. I know!

The truth is that I want to find it outrageous, but I actually loved it. While I am a firm believer in letting kids be kids, not overscheduling, not pushing academics at too young an age, and encouraging imaginative play-based learning, I also love to hear people tell me how wonderful my kids are, and that was pretty much the purpose of this evening's meeting.

I am lucky to have found a fantastic preschool for Maddie and Riley, one where the philosophy is completely in line with what I outlined above, but one where the kids get structure and academic support in a gentle, individualized way. Maddie is so interested in learning to read and write, and Riley is fascinated by numbers, and their teachers help them along with these interests without pushing or forcing or making it seem to much like school. It's great. I'm so happy with our setup.

As a work-0ut-of-the-home parent, I also appreciate getting feedback on Maddie and Riley's behavior, strengths, and weaknesses since I spend a significant amount of time away from them. I was pleased that their teachers' reports aligned with what I observe at home.

I'm so proud of them, and proud of us for coming as far as we have as a little family of three. I think John would be proud of all of us, too.


Haitian-American Family of Three said...

My post, just now, was about deciding on if I should put my kid in preschool (she is three) and I think you just made up my mind for YES.

Jen said...

I'm so glad you're happy with the kids' preschool. It makes all the difference, doesn't it! You can trust that they're being nurtured and supported in their natural thirst for learning, in and around lots and lots of play. I feel the same about my daughter's preschool (she's the same age as the twins) and it's the best.

mames said...

we were supposed to have our 1st for the boys, but out teacher got the flu. :( she said we can re-schedule which i might just to find out what her take is on their personhoods.

happy t day to you and your little sweethearts.

BiancaW said...

We also attended our first P/T meeting with some nervousness, as Bryce was only 2, but it was the same as you have described. Telling us our children’s strengths, guiding us through their weaknesses, with some constructive advice on how to handle the next phase of theirs little lives. I LOVE the preschool that my children go to, it is all about love and support, lots of play time, with some structure in the morning, saying prayers at meal times, but not over doing the religion thing at the same time. They have struck a perfect balance.

Well done to Maddie and Riley for settling in so well. They are real little troopers. You really CAN be proud of them, and I agree - John would be too!

stephanie said...

I rarely comment and have reading along since John passed away and I have to say you are a remarkable woman and have done a fantastic job with your children.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

How can John not be proud? You are doing great! It sounds like a wonderful school and sometimes it takes someone from outside the family to remind you that your kids are, in fact, pretty cool. After all, children seem to behave better with others than with their mama, right?!

Poppy said...

I don't comment much but have been reading a long time. For what it's worth I think John would be extremely proud of all of you. You've found a way to make a wonderful life together and you are doing a very good job as a single parent.

Go ahead, pat yourself on the back! You deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, Stacey - John would be VERY proud. :-)

wifemotherexpletive said...

geez louise. it was the comments that got me. geez. the whole world is proud. like, bursting.
good job doesn't seem to cut it. (i just had my first sort of tough parent teacher meeting- but i'm still proud:)
happy day of thanks.. best to you.

amyinbc said...

As a mom to three I am SURE he is looking down on you and loving all you have done for the kids and all they have achieved thus far... You are a wonderful mom Snick.

BethGo said...

Good preschool teachers work really really hard and they truly care for every single one of their students. And you know they are not in it for the $$.
I'm glad the conference went so well and I am equally glad your precious children are in a place where they are loved and respected.

Cair said...

Certainly, in whatever manner, John is proud of you and the kids. You, Stacy, are doing great. I know there are days that aren't quite what you hoped for, but overall, you are doing great.

I'm a single mom, and I so understand how great parent teacher conferences can be - there is another person who spends time with your kids, and really knows them, at least in some ways. And so long as your kids are doing well, it's an outsider who is basically complimenting you on your parenting. My daughter is growing up fast and is now in HS. By now a lot of parents don't go to conferences, but you can bet that I do. Sometimes I just need someone to talk to about how great she is.

I think that I miss having a partner more for sharing how great my daughter is doing, than for a lot of other things. Well, that and I wish there was someone else that could teach her to drive. But you don't need to think about that one for a while :)