10 November 2009

sniffle, snuffle, cough

Maddie and Riley are sick. I'm amazed they have remained healthy until now, given that they are immersed daily into the petri dish of preschool, and a new preschool at that. I think Maddie and Riley might actually be the only kids at their school who have yet to miss a day due to illness this year. As it would happen, tomorrow is a school holiday, so they might continue their streak, if only on a technicality.

They are luckily not seriously ill (knock on wood). Riley's cough and bit of a fever over the weekend are now just a lingering cough and congestion with no more heat. Maddie seems to be a few days behind and was feverish when I got home from work today. Between being under the weather and not having napped well, both kids were really tired, so we had a very mellow evening of a picnic dinner in the living room, two Doras (Two! I'm so crazy!), stories, and bed. They've been in bed for about five minutes and I think they're both asleep, which is unusal for them; they usually chat for a good half hour before dozing off.

Like most (all?) parents, I feel so awful for Maddie and Riley when they are ill. They are at least now old enough for me to comisserate verbally and explain that they will feel better "soon," whatever that means to the toddler's tenuous grasp of time. But I confess that I, like most (again, all?) parents, there is something so rewarding and sweet about caring for sick little ones. It brings out all the nurturing mama reserves, and it taps a wellspring of patience I otherwise don't know I have. I love the snuggling, the crawling into the lap, stroking the hair and curling up under a blanket. Maddie and Riley are extremely active kids, and while it's hard to see them slowed down by illness, it's nice to suddenly have two kids who just want to sit with Mama and be close.

I hope this is short-lived. I hope I don't get it! Sweet dreams to all.


amy said...

Completely understand the nurturing Mom aspect when the kids are sick, think it takes us back to when they were wee helpless beings..

Glad to hear they are on the mend.

mary said...

I totally know what you mean. I hope your kids get well soon! And that you don't get sick!

Sadia said...

I was touched to discover that my little ones feel similarly about me. When I recently recovered from strep, I kissed Jessica goodnight for the first time in a few days.

She said, "Mama you kiss-ed me. You have no more germs?" When I agreed that my relative germlessness meant the return of kisses, she said, "I love your kisses, Mama. I missed them."

Anonymous said...

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