07 May 2009

Better Day

Today is a much better day. Actually, I was feeling much better by the time I left work yesterday. How could I not be when my evening-into-morning included:
  • spaghetti dinner, complete with kids trying to twirl spaghetti and getting sauce all over their faces and hands and hair and bibs and . . .
  • hassle-free bedtime
  • my dad's flight arriving 40 minutes early
  • my dad arriving!
  • a large bowl of chocolate/peanut butter ice cream
  • a decent night's sleep
  • a three-mile run with a friend
  • hearing the kids speculate about who was going to get them out of bed ("Ba gonna come get us! No, no, my mama gonna come! No, my mama! Maybe ALL OF THEM gonna come!")
  • seeing the kids' faces light up when they saw Ba
  • watching my dad interact with the kids
  • breakfast from Panera
  • a quiet day at work
The quiet day at work is a mixed blessing, of course. It may well be that when I return to work on Tuesday, the only reason I'll be there is to pick up my paycheck and clean out my office. I am having a hard time being all that stressed out about the near-certainty of losing my job. I think I'm just saving the stress for when it happens.

I have plenty to do tonight to get ready for Florida. I'm really looking forward to hot, hot weather, pool time, coconut shrimp at least twice a day, and, of course, spending Mother's Day with three generations of moms and four generations of family. Let's not think about the fact that I have not done a damn thing as far as getting Mother's Day cards or gifts for the moms that are not me. Huh. My complete paralysis around gift-giving, seemingly brought on by widowhood, is a post in and of itself.  

Happy weekend, one and all. I'll try to get some good pictures of the kiddos in Florida. Maddie and Riley are both obsessed with the pool right now, so we should have lots of photo opps.


suzi said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

beyond said...

have a lovely vacation. enjoy the kids, the family and the sun...

Keen said...

So much to comment on and I've been slacking...

Glad today is a better day! Your post made me giggle. And your dad would brighten anyone's day, that's for sure.

Have a great trip to Florida, that sounds like fun. Thinking of you and the kids.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Have a great trip! It all sounds wonderful!

Susan said...

You sound much better today. Enjoy the moments this week and try to leave your job at the job. A lot of us are feeling like you, like we don't know if tomorrow will be it. Let it go for this weekend. Worrying about it won't help anyways, right?!! Hears to much sun, warm weather, and lots of shrimp!

Roads said...

I hate packing to go away. Always take too much stuff, unless I don't take enough.

There's such a sense of relief on locking the front door behind me that I always feel the holiday starts right there.

The journey may be terrible, but hey -- it's always better than bloody packing!

Shmo said...

Another coconut shrimp fiend! Woo!

Here's hoping copious amounts of shrimp and sunshine make your worries seem blurry and unfocused.

Bon voyage!

Heather Marie said...

Glad you had a much better day! :)

Have a great time in FL...what part are you heading to? Tampa? That's my area.

Emily said...

Have a great trip, Snick!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip! Have four generations for Mother's Day is an amazing thing!

Mama Nabi said...

I can't wait to someday hang in Florida together!!! I know this is super early but Happy Mother's Day! You, my bizarro sis, are truly deserving of lots of pampering, kudos, and whatever ice cream flavor you want!! xoxox

OTRgirl said...

I'm so glad your Dad is there (and that he's great with both you and the kids). Sorry about all the hard stuff of late (and about the no-job possibility).

After all that, it will be great to be away! Enjoy. I hope you get some lucid moments with your grandmother.

mlg said...

happy travels to you and the kids. I love those 4 generations pictures, makes me want to arrange to take a few of my own.

You are a good mom Snick. Enjoyment from hair full of pasta sauce is a sign of patience and a keen understanding of what is important.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day and vacation. As far as gifts ... we grammas are suckers for any grandchild generated or related stuff. Artwork, homemade cards, photos ... gimme gimme gimme!


Rachel said...

Happy Mother's Day, and have fun in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Ok..long time lurker. I missed the job loss part. But I have a sub post about being in my SIXTH year of widowdom with now blessedly school age kids (1 and 3 at time of loss) and absolutely NO ability in terms of gift giving.
Thanks for giving voice..

Fairlington Blade said...

Hi Snick,

I hope you have a great trip. I didn't comment initially on the book thread (we're thrilled for you!) as I was scratching my head as to anything interesting I might have to contribute. In talking with Keen, we've come up with a couple of ideas.

Things that move can be really cool. We live near Washington, DC, and a favorite place for the kids is Roosevelt Island. It's on the flight path into/out of National Airport and so planes go by every few minutes. One of our two boys (both 3 1/2) loves cars, buses, trucks, planes, fire trucks... (actually he loves them enough that it deserves a second pair of elipses...) So, a park near an airport or major road (with a fence, of course) can be a great diversion.

The second (far from original) suggestion regards cooking. Clearly, it's tough involving young children in cooking given the presence of sharp knives, hot burners, not to mention harried cooks.

Tortillas - easy to make and great for sensory perception. Add some water to maseca and make a dough. After that, it's fun taking some dough and shaping and pressing it. They're easy to cook and kids love quesadillas.

Pizza - You can pick up pizza shells at the market and let the kids help you decorate the pizza.

I'm sure there's lots more ideas around regarding kids and cooking, but this is something that's been fun for us.



buddha_girl said...

You deserve every beautiful moment with everyone in Florida!

M in G said...

Hope you had a great trip!... please keep us posted on the job front... hope it all works out for you... :)

Donn24g said...

Hope you had a wonderful time in florida, and you had a happy motherdays. Hopefully when you return you post lots of sunny pictures:)

cv said...

snick, don't know if you're checking email today - thought you might get this update on the go: can you order an extra 2 pints of 1/2 & 1/2 for tomorrow, it's my turn at work again. :) thx.

Mel said...

Hi Snickollet,

I've been enjoying following your story for some time now... and I've wanted to check in and say hello.

I also just found out about a widows conference coming up in San Diego in July... any chance you might be interested? Let me know if you are because it would be great to meet you!

The line that did it for me was about Saturday morning.... "Saturday morning will begin with a gathering unlike any you have ever attended. Standing shoulder to shoulder with widows of all ages, creeds, and circumstances we will come together to celebrate our strength, our love, and to discover our passion. "

The web site is: http://www.sslf.org/