08 April 2009

Idol Top 8: My Take (It or Leave It)

Work is insane! Work is insane! I should totally be working! But I'm stealing five minutes to post about Idol's top 8.

Danny: I forsee a red-hot future in the contemporary Christian genre for you, my friend. Love your voice, love your glasses, probably won't love the album you are sure to make even if you don't win Idol.

Scott: Dude, that was just bad. Bad song, bad guitar, bad singing. Bad. Bottom three.

Lil: I'm glad to know the backstory on your name, but sharing that information did not help your performance. You can sing, but you need to pull yourself together. Bottom three this week for you.

Anoop: I need to learn that if I think you're going to be awful, you're great and if I think you're going to be great, you're awful. When I heard you were doing "True Colors," my first thought was, "This cannot go well." Ha! How wrong I was! I loved it, although I found your sweater way distracting.

Allison: You are amazing. I could not agree more with the judges, though, that you need to find a way to connect with the voters in order to continue on in this competition. Contestants like you make me wish America voted against people rather than for them. I don't think people would vote to get you off the show, but not enough people pick up the phone to keep you on. My fingers are crossed that you make it through to the end.

Kris: What did you sing? Was it good? I can't even remember, I find you so boring.

Matt: What did you sing? Was it good? I can't even remember, I find you so boring.

Adam: Your performance gave me chills. It was beautiful and haunting and an absolutely perfect song for you.

So I predict Lil, Scott, and . . . um, someone else for the bottom three. Don't I have an awesome crystal ball?


Susan said...

With you on all except Anoop - he irritates me whether he can sing or not. But the rest....your right on (in my opinion ;))

Mommy, Esq. said...

I like Matt and have since Hollywood week. As I said on Stacey's blog though I think Adam is too professional. I feel like he or AI are snowing us.

kateypie35 said...

How can you watch that drivel? *shudder*

ok, ok, I admit, I used to watch Idol too. But, it lost me about three seasons ago. It jumped the shark.


Anonymous New York said...

Snick, my dear, I think you are too tough on Matt. He sang Stevie Wonder's Part Time Lover! He so rocked it. But, I think his style is kind of too old for AI. What kind of album would he make?

Adam is excellent, but did he really deserve a standing ovation from Simon? Really, really?

Snickollet said...

Anon NY:

"Part-Time Lover"! That's right! I love that song, but I had totally forgotten because Matt bores me. He has a good voice, but as soon as he's done singing, I've forgotten all about him. Sorry, Matt.


Katie said...

Aagh! I can't stand Adam! His screeching makes me want to scream!

Giovanna Diaries said...

Crappers! I missed it last night. I have to watch it before tonight's result show (I DVR'd it). But I did read a bunch of online comments of last night's show. Can't wait to hear what Adam did! And your recent comment on Matt is dead on. He's great when he's on but you do forget him.

cv said...

Giovanna - be warned - if you DVR'd the exact time of the show you might miss Adam. I think it ran over by a few minutes and a few friends of mine who taped it missed Adam as a result. (he was last) Hope this didn't happen to you

Keen said...

Loved Adam! I used the word "haunting" to describe that, too.

Matt is so boring that I often forget his name.

And I love Allison and hope she stays on the show. I voted for her many times last night.

Heather Marie said...

Can't stand Anoop but he did well last night. LOVE LOVE LOVE Adam and Allison...hope they are the top 2. Danny is good, but doesn't do much for me and Scott is ok. The others I'm not too big on. We shall see the results tonight, but I think you are dead on.

mary said...

OMG. I totally didn't realize the DVR cut off Adam's performance until I read your post!

Sotorrific Twins said...

Grrr!! I missed Adam - stupid DVR! is it online somewhere??

Crash Course Widow said...

So did ya know that Danny's widowed? I saw that one some (rather boring overall) widowed blog somewhere.

I've never been an Idol watcher/fan, but I was trapped watching it (or rather hearing it through the living room wall) while living with my parents last month. And I have to admit that curiosity has bitten a bit...and with Dancing with the Stars too. Argh. Anna loves both shows from watching them at Grandma's for 3 years running now, which makes me laugh. But I have no idea who is who on Idol, except to know that some of them sound awful, even for being good singers!

Hope you're doing well! Hugs!

~Denise~ said...

I heart Adam. I should like Gokey since he's from my state, but he's so-so for me.