07 May 2008

Idol Top 4: My Take (It or Leave It)

A friend of mine was visiting from out of town last night, ergo I missed Idol. I really love this friend a lot. So I've spent my morning watching the performances on YouTube. God bless the digital age is all I have to say.

I wasn't super-excited about the theme (legends of rock), but I thought the contestants made some pretty good choices.

Jason: It's true, it wasn't great. But I actually didn't think it was nearly as bad as the judges did. It was the usual college coffee-house sentimental. You're gone this week or next. Should be this week, but the screaming gaggle of girl voters in your fan base might have the numbers to keep you around.

Syesha: You, too, are gone this week or next. You were fine. You were better than fine. But I just can't get really into you.

David C: OMGOMGOMG, you did NOT just do "Hungry Like the Wolf." OMG. I'm ashamed to admit that Duran Duran was pretty much my reason for living in sixth and seventh grades. And in college, I saw them live in Germany in this tiny little club and I was standing on the John Taylor side of the stage and Simon Le Bon was wearing velour stretch pants and OMG WOW. Oh, wait, this is supposed to be about David Cook. Right. Yes. It was fine. It was solid. It was not that different from the original, just more growly. Rar. As for your other song, I'm not a big Who fan, and I actually didn't know the song. I thought you were good, though—definitely Top 2 material, and clearly just plain talented.

David A.: I just love you. Whenever you sing, I am filled with maternal pride even though you are not my kid. "Hot mad vocals" is right. What else is there to say?

I really, really hope we get a Battle of the Davids for the final. Then I can be happy no matter who wins!


Christie said...

I'm glad to see others like David A too. He's kind of the "hometown boy for me". My husband's boss is his next-door neighbor, and so we almost feel like we know him. hahaha. I normally like David C too, but OMG, not last night. Was he nervous?

Jen said...

Ok.. you made me laugh out loud with the "Rar." when you were talking about David Cook.. *LAFF*

I had a feeling you were a Duran Duran fan.. I was in 5th grade when that song was big.. i remember skip ropping at recess and all the girls would use the names of the duran duran guys for the names of their boyfriends for whatever the little jump roping song was. how's that for vague?

I was too busy practicing kissing with my friend, Kelly, to keep up with the boy bands.. *grin* I do like a number of their songs though.. so I can't throw stones.. i'm just shocked that you didn't know that song from the Who.. i'm going to have to bring over my box set and teach you a bit of history and how to do a windmill guitar strum (trademark of Pete Townsend.. only one of the best guitarists of all time.. from the Who).

ok... nuff babbling...


Keen said...

I did not know about you and Simon Le Bon and the velour stretch pants.

Sorry you missed Idol, but glad you had a good friend come visit!

Heather said...

I'm sad to say, as a Texas A&M alum, that they are making a big push to keep Jason around one more week. So if he sticks around, it's likely due to the gazillion, or so, former Aggies out there.

Just sayin', so you don't go blaming it on the rest of the country.

so-yun said...

Syesha made me cry

Alison C said...

Oh I have to leave a comment on this post! I saw Duran Duran about 2 or 3 years ago when thay played their reunion tour. We were at the first night of the tour in Belfast, Ireland. We too were at the John Taylor side of the stage and he was right there.. just right there!! At one stage it was like a flash back to being 14 again and I nearly lost my mind. I mean he was there... just right there... swooon!

bobbi said...

mmm...duran duran brought back too many embarassing poster-kissing memories....

Twice Blessed said...

I totally agree with everything you said! I'm hoping David C's the winner! I just went to the cnn article and read it. I don't know why I didn't start my blog a year ago when my twins were preemies it the NICU. I'm sure it would've been a great release. Anyway, your twins are beautiful!

shortysax said...

I found the article on CNN, and was so surprised to come here and see a post on American Idol! :-)

Thanks for your blog and your soul-baring honesty. I've read through some of it, and will continue to peruse. I see you're from Boston(ish) - me too! I work at Dana Farber, if you had any experience with them.

Also, I just wanted to let you (and a previous commenter) know that part of the reason David Cook may seem distracted is because he is dealing with a brother who unfortunately is battling a brain tumor, and is very ill right now. If any of your readers, or you, would like to support David Cook and his family, check out this link: http://davidcookbracelets.googlepages.com

Anyone can feel free to repost this link elsewhere.

Anyway, thank you again for your bravery in publicizing your story and your blog. BIG HUG!

HiHoRosie said...

Because this is about AI I just had to comment! Jason was a trainwreck to me and needs to go home. And David C, I normally really like him but when he sang Hungry Like a Wolf - oh, ugh!!! I kept comparing him to Simon LeBon and it didn't jive with me. It was lame. And David A is a cutie patootie. While I didn't dig him singing the song Love Me Tender I have to give him an A+ for changing it up as I didn't visualize the King once during the song. :) But in the finals my prediction is the two Davids (can't believe Syesha is the last girl standing...go to Broadway girl!) with the ultimate winner being David A. How could he not win with all the girls loving him?!

PS Thanks for sharing your story - Wishing you all the best and your two little ones (who are beautiful btw!)

Superha said...

i was supposed to marry john taylor. oh, well.

duran duran forever! :)

Evie the evil Evelyn said...


Thank you for writing :-)

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting hearing him sing HLTW - didn't make it quite unique as I thought he would - but it was alright.

For those whom are "local" in Massachusetts - I heard that they are coming to Boston this month incase any of you want to relive the good old days.

Much hugs to you Snickollet and your beautiful babies.