19 May 2008

Chicago, Friday Night

We went out for Korean food in K-town, straight from the airport.

Kalbi, soon doo boo, and another soup, a spicy broth with brisket. More banchan than I've ever seen, at least twenty little dishes covering the table.

Smoke filled the air as we grilled our kalbi. The soon doo boo bubbled in its clay pot. I had to ask for more kochujang; I put it on everything, in great quantity.

I miss this food. We ate all the kalbi, most of the soup and the banchan. I could smell the smoky aroma of kalbi on my hair when I went to bed that night. I ate the bit of leftover soon doo boo for breakfast the next day. When I unpacked on Sunday, the scent of the grill lingered in the shirt I'd been wearing at the restaurant.


Anonymous said...


usually, i hate having the kalbi smell in my hair/clothes after dining at a korean BBQ place.. but your post made me want to be thankful for it... =)

Rachel said...

Yum! It's been too long since I had kalbi.

Caustic Cupcake said...

I've never had Korean food, but your post makes me want to start.

I read once that scent is the sense most strongly tied to memory- that even more than sights or sounds, scents can take you back to exactly what you were doing the last time you ate that food or smelled that flower.

winecat said...

I have no idea what you ate but it sound delicious!