08 April 2008

Sweet Idol-ine

Neil Diamond night on Idol tonight! Oooh, I love me some Neil. This is very exciting.

Here's what I hope people do, keeping in mind that while I love Neil, I really only know the famous stuff:

David Cook: "Cracklin' Rose" or "Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show," rocker style
David Archuleta: please, PLEASE don't do one of the soulful ballads like "Hello Again," "I Am, I Said," or "Heartlight." How about "Forever in Blue Jeans"?*
Syesha: "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"
Michael Johns: "Sweet Caroline"
Brooke: "Song Sung Blue"
Jason Castro: "America" or "Shilo." Or "Red, Red Wine."
Carly Smithson: "Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon"
Kristy Lee: Honestly, I don't care, but for pure kitch value, how about "On the Robert E. Lee"?

*Looking through this list of Neil Diamond songs, I learned that in 1968, he recorded a tune called "The Pot Smoker's Song." I don't know it, but I think it would be hilarious if David A. sang that one! So not gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

Hey Snick,

Neil isn't on Idol this week. Tonight it's inspirational songs to go along with the Idol Gives Back theme. I hope this year's contestants do a better job with the inspirational stuff than last year! The good news is that we get Idol three nights this week! They are doing the results show on Thursday!

Nancy in Redmond, WA

Snickollet said...

Crap! I was misinformed!

Oh, well, I know he's on at some point during the season. I just hope the Inspiration Overload doesn't make me gag.

buddha_girl said...

You may just get me hooked on Idol, Snick!

I'll have to pay attention to the listings so I can see how the contestants channel ole Neil.

Have you ever seen the movie "Beautiful Girls?" Ensemble cast - and they sing "Sweet Caroline" in one scene. Neil's version is on the soundtrack. VERY good times!

Keen said...

Wow, I would so take Neil over inspirational songs. Darn. But now I don't feel so bad about working tonight!

Your choices are great. That show, I would love to see.

Erika said...

I don't watch the show, but I'm a Neil Diamond FANATIC. So I'll watch tonight!! I've been into Neil since I was teeny. Had to listen to him everywhere because my Mom was crazy for him. So I got the Neil bug early on.

(La la la, pot, pot, gimme some pot ... forget what you are, you can be what you're not. High, high, I wanna get high. You'll never give it up if you give it a try!)

Oh, I am SO not into pot, but SO into Neil.

Erika said...

Cr@p. Just re-read the first comment. I was all stoked about Neil - now I'm bummed.

Jen said...

crap.. how was i wrong?

aren't neil diamond songs inspirational songs?

btw.. just looked up the pot smoker's song on Rhapsody and it's absolutely HORRIBLE..

Lara said...

Damn you got me all excited when I saw you mention Neil Diamond.

Be sure to give me a heads up when it happens for real.... I don't wanna miss that episode!

Taffy said...

lovely, goregeous, wonderful snick....

um, surely i'm not the only international guest to your blog?

all the idol stuff is lost on me.
we have had it in australia but our own version. which i don't watch.... oh, um, a couple of times i've watched the final episode though.

if you ever notice a dip in readership.... which i really hope doesn't drive your writing.... in fact, i'm sure it doesn't... it might be because we have no idea who you're talking about.

so, possum.... more context! or excuse my absences on the 'idol' posts.

hope you and the twins are well.
in sunny downtown sydney, by the sea

JMB said...

Neil so rocks...I'll actually have to make a point to make sure to see that week. Have you ever seen the movie "Saving Silverman"? The main characters are in a Neil tribute band, and he even makes an appearance at the end. I'm telling you, Jack Black and Steve Zahn doing Neil is something to behold.