17 April 2008

Funny Evening (Good Funny)

The twins and I had a great time yesterday evening, just doing the usual stuff. They helped me bring in the milk, they ate a good dinner (hummus, pretzels, fruit, Veggie Booty), they drank an insane amount of water out of their new Sigg bottles. They had a bath. Riley peed an ocean onto the floor after his bath, but got it all on the tile. Yay, Riley! We read stories. They went to bed without a peep of protest (but with a bunch of adorable chatter) for the first time in ages.

By 8:00 p.m., I had:
  • changed into my pajamas and a sweatshirt
  • washed up the twins' dishes and started the dishwasher
  • gotten a load of laundry through the washing machine and into the dryer
  • baked two loaves of banana bread (well, they were in the oven, at least)
  • folded a load of laundry
  • made myself some dinner
I then sat down with a generous glass of wine and my meal, and tuned in for the Idol results . . . which did not start until 9:00 p.m. No problem! I had planned to T-Tapp (be prepared for some crazy, infomercially-looking stuff if you click) after Idol, but just reversed my schedule and popped the video in to do before the show.

This was my first time Tapping, although I've had the videos for months. Like enough months to add up to a year. Or more. Ahem. Anyway. I Tapped away, drinking wine at the water breaks (Hey! Wine is mostly water!) and feeling really virtuous. And a little warm and flushed.

I had just finished up my exercise when the doorbell rang. Wha? It kind of freaked me out, until I realized that I had made plans for a friend of a friend who works for an HVAC company to come over and give me a quote on getting central air installed in my condo. Well. I'm wearing my pajamas, there's half-eaten dinner and half-consumed glass of wine on the table, and there is a slightly demented-looking and scantily clad exercise guru on my TV (at least it wasn't Richard Simmons). I let the (young, hipster-ish, twenty-something) guy in and got the TV turned off as quickly as possible. It was all rather amusing, at least to me. Mr. HVAC looked a little surprised by my attire (floral PJ bottoms and matching top), but c'est la vie, right?

The crowing glory of my evening was saying goodbye to Kristy Lee on Idol. Finally! Thank you, America! As one of my commenters said, no more sparkly tank tops!

On tonight's agenda? Another trip to Margaritaville. Woo-woo!


amber said...

sounds like a great night. :) and one that you really needed, too.

Culiex said...

yay for t-tapping. I'm doing the couch to 5K program at Cool Runnings, but am doing a basic workout plus before every run. Well, that is my plan. Haven't done it yet, but it sounds like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful (except for the young guy walking in and spoiling it lol)

Kristin said...

I can't believe you work out and drink wine at the same time. You are my new hero. I would never have the nerve to try that.

Angela said...

That's too bad the guy had to drop by just then, it sounds like it would have been a really great evening. But you did have some wine and exercise so all was not lost. Hope you have another great evening without any interruptions. Yay for the twins going down to bed with adorable chatter!

Allison said...

T-tapping, hmm. Never heard of that but may have to investigate. Which Sigg bottles do the kids have? My daughter might need one!

buddha_girl said...

I totally had to check out that TTap link. I had the example videos playing IN MY CLASSROOM WITH THE SOUND UP. I'm demented.

Love that you had a great night! We all need those to get through the day to day grind.

Aimee said...

You make this sound so good, I'm going to have to go get some wine to keep stashed for the rare nights my kids are down for the night and I actually feel like enjoying a dinner like this.

I'm glad you enjoyed your evening. Always, always much deserved.

Duchess said...

What is Veggie Booty? I don't have kids can you tell?

BlackenedBoy said...

Ha, ha, you're awesome. Your twins sound really nice. How old are they?