25 March 2008

Opening Day

Today is opening day of the Red Sox 2008 season. Yeah! Go Sox!

They played their first game of the season this morning in Japan against the As, and managed to pull of a tenth-inning win thanks to that lovable lunatic Manny. I watched the third inning while I folded diapers at 6:45 a.m., and turned the TV on just in time to see Jacoby Ellsbury come up to bat . . . and strike out. It's great to start the season off with a win, and watching baseball (even while drinking my morning coffee) helps make me feel like spring really is in the air .

There was  a man in my bed last night. A small man, a Ri-Man. Poor dude woke himself up coughing at 10:30, just when I was turning out my light. I was so tired and felt so bad for him that I just brought him in with me where he coughed himself to sleep fairly quickly. I transfered him back to his crib around 1:15 a.m., when I woke up to pee, and he slept through until 6:40 a.m. He was still coughing a lot this morning, poor babe. Overall, the kids have been very healthy this winter, for which I am very grateful. Sick kids are so pitiful.

Social worker appointment today. Looking forward to that, I am. And Idol tonight. Also looking forward to that. Hooray for Tuesdays!


Ragtop Day said...

Another Sox fan here - it's nice to start off with a win! Here's to 162-0!

Sorry to hear about Rileys' coughing - do you think it is a cold, or could it perhaps be asthma? My youngest daughter was coughing,coughing, coughing all last winter, keeping the entire house up, and when I took her in to the doc, we determined she has asthma. A few weeks on a nebulizer calmed the tide, and she has been doing fairly well for the last year on maintenance (claritin and singulair). Especially with the other allergies you've mentioned he has, you may want to have that checked out.

Hoping you get some sleep tonight, after Idol, of course!

Kizz said...


Snickollet said...


Riley has a really bad cold right now, so I think that's the source of the coughing. I've been worried about asthma, though, what with the allergies/eczema, so I'm going to keep an eye on it.

Thanks for the good sleep thoughts . . .


Mama Nabi said...

LN's pediatrician told me that there's a LOT of THAT going around, the whole coughing thing... so hopefully that ALL Ri-Man has.

Pantheist Mom said...

I watched the Sox this morning, too...in high-def on our big screen tv. I very nearly called in sick for work. What fun!!! Can't wait for the season to roll on...