15 February 2008

Just When I Needed It Most

Last night was so much better. It was the kind of night we used to have all the time and that I'd started to forget ever existed.

The twins and I had a great time together. They were a little iffy during daycare pickup, but rallied, and we laughed and giggled and had a grand old time. And they ate and ate and ate at dinner: nearly a full 8 oz. tub of hummus with whole-wheat pretzel sticks, what seemed like their weight in raisins, and between the three of us we ate three blood oranges. Yikes! My friends arrived around 6:30 with cake and barbecue (change in dinner plans) and the kids were happy to see them and just plain all-around fun to be with.

I really needed that last night. Things started off well this morning with my dad arriving in time to accompany the kids and I for daycare dropoff. Maddie and Riley were so excited to see their "Ba," and that really got our day going on the right foot. We're meeting a friend for pizza tonight, a rendez-vous I'd kind-of been dreading given how evenings have been in the past couple of weeks, but last night gave me hope. I'm excited for pizza, that's for sure. I'm so busy at my new job that I don't eat much during the day; I look up at the clock and it will already be past lunchtime or about time to go home! So by dinnertime, I'm really ready for some serious food. And speaking of food, the suggestions of bringing a snack for the kids to eat on the way home from daycare was a good one that I have not pulled myself together to follow through on until tonight. I packed some stuff for them to eat while we wait for the ride and while we wait. Should be good.


OTRgirl said...

I'm glad you got a reprieve. Whew. Your last few days have sounded really tough.

My Mom always said my brother was the most sensitive of all of us. (Though he was certainly the one who challenged her most!) When she had a bad cancer day, that was the day he'd call (and he never called). I wonder if Riley also picks up when you're depressed or sad and gets even more sensitive. Not that you're doing anything wrong, I'm just speculating here. Like it's an extra bond.

Given my experience with post-death anniversaries, no mattter what will-power I threw at them, everything in life felt heavier, drabber and more prickly leading up to them. I wouldn't be surprised if, now that V-day is over, things settle down for a while.

Random thoughts. I do love that my Mom always said she loved us equally but differently.

Lucky said...

Glad to hear about the good night. Thinking of you...

Angela said...

That's so wonderful that you had a great day, you definitely needed it. I hope you have a lovely visit with your Dad, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mary Ellen said...

All right! Glad to hear it.

For the car, I bet they'd like those little boxes of raisins (which aren't the most enviro'lly friendly, per packaging, but they seem so KID-sized that they induce all sorts of happiness). I also used to mix up Cheerios, raisins and chocolate chips in little snack bags, and then try not to pick out the chips myself. Bananas are good! Cheese sticks. (These are all obvious, sorry...) And then, when I forgot to think ahead (sadly often), I'd go over to Caribou and buy a chocolate-dipped pretzel stick! Oh, THOSE were the good days.

Julia said...

It's so good to see the much improved mood. Plus, I think it's so great that your dad can come out to see you and the kids so often. Yay, dad!
Hope the pizza was good.

Anonymous said...

Snick, do you make your own hummus? The stuff from the store has too much garlic in it. I spent a half hour making my own and it is close, but still isn't right.


Amy said...

Sounds like a good time at the right time.

Jen said...

One thing I've learned from askmoxieDOTorg and my own child is that they torment you and torment you until you are ready to throw in the towel and give the kid(s) away to Goodwill and right then, the kid backs off and gives you a break. Lately I've been feeling all lovey-dovey toward my little guy, and then today I was ready to call Goodwill after taking almost an hour to get him to sleep for naptime, only to have the cat meow as I was leaving his (the baby's) room and wake him up. God, I was about ready to tear the cat limb from limb and throw him out in the woods for the bears. (I live in Woburn, though. Probably no bears here.) Anyway. Good days and bad days. Glad you had a good one, as no one deserves it more than you guys.

Love to you all,
Jen N-H

buddha_girl said...

Ooooh I'm so glad that the twins held out and had a great night with you!

I'm a HUGE believer in the snack bag. I even keep bottled water and Crystal Light in the car in case Buddha gets a case of the thirsties. There's also a plethora of dried fruit, crackers, pretzels, and veggie chips...just in case.

In the mornings, I always bring a cup filled with goodness as well as a banana so that he has something to knosh on when he gets to day care. He's usually there by 6:40am but doesn't get official breakfast until 8am. That's too long for a growing beast to wait!

halfmama said...

Oh boy, I missed the roller coaster of the past several days, but I hope things are back to your regularly scheduled programming. So many days like that around here. I can tell immediately whether or not Bean has napped at school when I pick them up. It's remarkable what even a half hour of lost sleep can do.

Happy V-Day. Not big on the day either... regardless, I was thinking of you and hoping you were having a good day.