09 November 2007

Computer Fixed; Brain Dead

The computer is back up and running. Fried power supply, not logic board, so that's good.

I, however, am feeling rather slow as it was a hectic day getting the computer fixed, meeting with an Early Intervention social worker, going to work for a few hours, dealing with cranky children, welcoming my father here for a visit, and running out the door to meet a long-lost grad school classmate for dinner.

Off to bed with me. This hardly qualifies as a post, but keeps my hat in the NaBloPoMo ring, at least.


Thalia said...

relief re the computer, not what you needed! what is the early intervention for?

Anonymous said...

And makes you a very busy woman! Sometimes a very good thing.

So glad to hear your computer survived (btdt too many times :( and you will be enjoying the weekend with company.

Kizz said...

As I said to someone else today, did you post? (Yes) It totally counts. Glad you've got your computer back safely.

Becky said...

Early Intervention is amazing. My son benefitted greatly from their work.