31 October 2007


All's well, friends, all's well. I'm saving up posts for NaBloPoMo! Also, I've had the busiest October on record:
  • spent two weekends getting my 20' x 20' deck redone by friends
  • hosted my sister-in-law for a weekend
  • sent my best friend off to Oregon, which included multiple girls' nights, an afternoon open house party, and some private tears
  • saw lots of friends in the evenings
  • cheered the Sox on to a World Series win (way too many late nights on that one)
  • went to work
  • took care of babies
  • read most of Harry Potter 7
  • did two activities with my twin moms club (Halloween Party and Moms' Night Out)
  • celebrated a good friend's 40th birthday
  • cat-sat for my upstairs neighbor for two weekends
  • bounced four checks (WTF? I haven't done that in years)
  • ran a 10K
  • enjoyed a visit with my mom
  • reconnected with a few friends from grad school
  • spent a day on the north shore soaking up some sun and eating seafood
  • enjoyed the company of two of my aunts and one of my uncles
Details on the above and more to come throughout November. A post a day! I'm excited about it.


Robin J. said...

Actually, it sounds like a great month! Mine definitely would not sound as good if I listed what I have done.

Becky said...

I'm super pumped to do this! Yay!

Anonymous said...

glad you are ok.. I was starting to wonder what happend to you.

will look forward to reading your daily blogs! :)

Michele (Moosh) said...

Wow! What a busy, but GREAT month!!

Hope to see you in PDX soon. Glad you're OK....I figured you were busy but ya know, we care about you and get a little worried sometimes! :-)

janet said...

delurking to say i'm nablopomo'ing too. (and have been saving my posts...heh)

sounds like you have been a busy girl!

Rachel said...

Wow, sounds like you've been very busy.

Congratulations on the 10K.

Alison said...

Bring on the November posts! It sounds like your busy month will make some good reading.

buddha_girl said...

What an incredible month filled with joys and challenges. Way to go, woman!

I love that you found yummy things to eat with points to spare.

I read back about the fucktard jury duty asses. Cripes. I'm so sorry you had to shoulder something like that these days. If they give you shit, pass their number on to me. I'd love to have a word with 'em.

Jolene said...

you're a busy woman!!! can't wait to read in November! Halloween to you and your adorable kiddies!

carosgram said...

I look forward to hearing lots of details.

every tenth said...

As I said previously, you've inspired me to do this whole blog thing. After a three-week tryout, I'm ready for the challenge of daily posts. Hopefully, we'll both make it to the end.

Kristin said...

Sorry about the bounced checks -- that's such a pain in the neck, isn't it? And they never just come in ones: you can be meticulous for years and years, and then forget something, or subtract wrong, and BAM one bounce, plus fee, which precipitates second bounce, and suddenly it's bounce bounce bounce before you even realize you forgot to add in that receipt from the big grocery shop last week.

(No, I've never done this. Why would you think that? I just imagine this is what it must be like. From hearing about it from my friends, you see. Yes, that's it.)

Anonymous said...

You have been BUSY! Busy is good.

Julia said...

Sounds like a busy month indeed.
Can't wait for the post a day. I am attempting it too, but I didn't sign up because I am chicken. :)