06 October 2007

Checking In

Work is busy. Home is busy; relatives in town, so good busy, but still more than usual. I'm tired and I miss posting. More to come soon. It's been a while since I've gone nearly a week (a week!) without posting.

I've been using the Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin moisturizer. I like it. I don't love it, but it's only been a few days.

More, and more interesting, soon.

PS: I'm running a 10K on Monday. Wish me luck.


Suz said...

I'm impressed. Much luck to you in your run!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a half-marathon tomorrow...all the running with kids in the stroller makes us extra ready, right?! :)

And if you don't read her already, you may love this:

(Sorry, I can't html.)

The very best of luck!


Cari said...

Good luck! Hope it goes well!

Anonymous said...

I am far too lazy for such things, so I'm always VERY impressed when someone actually ELECTS to run that far. Go team Snick! Good luck!!

Klynn said...

So, so sorry I haven't commented much lately. With Boog's ear infection, a nasty deadline at work, and general blogging apathy, I just haven't been on much lately. I have more than 50 unread posts in my google reader. *sigh*

Wanted to jump in with a quick comment on moisturizers. Here's what I use: http://www.aveeno.com/productDetail.do?prodid=1423
Love it. I use the "matching" cleanser, too. Have very few breakouts (only cycle related ones), and get compliments on my clear skin regularly (especially since I don't wear makeup).

Thinking of you and the twins. Good luck with the run!

Kate said...

Woohoo! Good luck!

Who am I? said...

Good luck with the 10K! I used to run quite a bit, too - before hiking and rock climbing became my thing. I think be thinking of you...:)

Lois Lane said...

good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck today! Hope you have some cool weather back east.

I didn't put my two cents in about the moisturizer since you got about 756 suggestions, but I'll add it now: I use L'Oreal Futur-e. It's super light. I am hyper-sensitive about moisturizer as everything else I've ever tried always feels likes I have an extra layer of grease on my face. And it has SPF.

There. Now you have 757 suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the run, my clock indicates you should be on the course now, I hope it's going well for you! It's not about time, it's about crossing the finish!



Jolene said...

best of luck to you! Can I admit that I'm a little relieved you haven't posted? I've been gone and I was afraid I'd be behind too much! :)

becky said...

Good luck!!

OTRgirl said...

I can relate! It makes me feel better about my lazy blogging when I check in after a week and you only have one post. ;-)

Enjoy the run! I'm impressed.

scarp said...

Hey there - I'm not going to do a whole post on it, because I don't think some of my readers would be able to handle it. But I thought you'd appreciate knowing that now I too am a menstrual cup convert :)